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Need More Clients? Think Like a Farmer

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Kim Morrison (1952462)
Kim Morrison (1952462)

Do you think all a farmer has to do is wait until Autumn or Winter to harvest truckloads of wheat, rapeseed or, in this area, sugar beet? Think again! That farmer has worked hard all year long to prepare for that week or two of reward.

  • He prepared the ground following last year’s harvest.
  • He planted seeds in the spring.
  • He watered and fertilized and protected his fragile crops from pests and drought and poor weather.
  • And finally, after months of work, he enjoys the results.

Your business works the same way, and if you take a page from the farmer’s playbook, you’ll soon be reaping the rewards, too.

Preparing the Ground

This is your brand, your voice, your presence in your market. If you’re just starting out—like a farmer after his harvest—you’ll spend your time simply becoming known.

Hang out with other competitors in your niche. Join forums where your ideal clients spend their time. Build a website and start your mailing list. This is the preparation work that will form the foundation of a solid business in the future.

Planting the Seeds

Your seeds are your content and products. Developing your products and content does take an investment in time and effort. With each blog post you write, every product you create, you’re planting a seed you can harvest later. But unlike the farmer, your seeds will produce over and over again, endlessly.

In fact, you’ll likely find that blog posts you wrote years ago will continue to bring in new clients year after year, with no further help from you. Products can be sold over and over again, or reworked into new offers. Podcasts, videos, ebooks and more all continue to work for you, month after month, year after year.

When you think about it that way, it’s easy to see that planting seeds is a critical part of every business.

Nurturing Your Crop

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just “set it and forget it”? Unfortunately, that style of business rarely works. Instead, you must spend time nurturing:

  • Stay in touch with your email list
  • Update old blog posts with new ideas
  • Study your stats to improve your traffic and conversions
  • Improve your products.

It doesn’t take much effort to update your blog posts or tweak your products, and the rewards can be fantastic.

Of course, being a farmer is a long-term investment. The work you do today may not pay off for weeks or months to come. But with a strong history of consistent “farming” in your business, you’ll soon see that those long-term rewards are paying off consistently as well.



Facebook recently paused all app reviews and new chatbot development on the platform to review its privacy and data policies. At the F8 Developer Conference this week, Facebook announced it’s reopening the app review process “after making some changes to make it more comprehensive and grounded on ensuring that each of [its] APIs creates value for people, is transparent, and builds trust.” Facebook also launched several new global programs and products and a redesigned Developer Site to help developers succeed.

Facebook rolled out three new products for Messenger based on feedback received from businesses, developers, and active Messenger users. These include AR for the Messenger platform, the ability for developers to integrate built-in Natural Language Processing (NLP) with their page inbox, and M suggestions for English-Spanish translations in Marketplace conversations between buyers and sellers in the United States. Facebook plans to expand M translations to all Messenger users in the U.S. “in the coming weeks.”

Facebook announced plans to build Clear History, an upcoming feature that will enable users to see and delete the data Facebook collected from websites and apps that use its ads and analytics tools. Clear History is currently in development and will roll out in the coming months.

Facebook is building a new feature for dating and relationships within the Facebook app. According to Mark Zuckerberg, “people already use Facebook to meet new people” and once this new product is released, they’ll have the option “to discover others with similar interests through their Groups or Events.” Facebook plans to begin testing the dating feature “later this year.”

Facebook announced plans to roll out a new Groups tab that will “make groups a more central part of the Facebook experience.” The new Groups tab will make it easier for users to manage their groups and will have a Watch Party feature for watching and discussing videos together within groups. In addition, Facebook is launching a new Groups plugin that admins and developers can add to their websites and emails to solicit people to join their Facebook group.

Facebook released a new Facebook Analytics mobile app, where admins can review their “most important metrics on the go in a streamlined interface.” The new app keeps personalized overview tabs, features dashboards with reports saved via desktop, allows users to receive notifications about significant changes, and more. The app is available for both iOS and Android.


Facebook announced that group video calling will be rolling out to Instagram and WhatsApp in a future update. Video chat will be available within Instagram Direct and will allow both one-on-one and group conversations on the platform. On WhatsApp, group calling will simply be added to the already-popular voice and video calling features in the app. In the same announcement, Facebook also promised that stickers will also be coming soon to WhatsApp.

Instagram is currently testing a redesigned Explore tab that will make it easier for users to discover things they’re interested in and organize suggested content into relevant topic channels. This new tool will make it easier to browse your interests and go deeper into any area you’d like. According to Instagram, the new Explore will be rolling out over the coming weeks.


LinkedIn announced three new enhancements to lead gen forms for sponsored content and InMail campaigns that are “designed to continue driving ROI for [its] lead gen marketers.” These tools include bid auto-optimization, which allows marketers to use automatic optimization in Campaign Manager to get more leads for a better price, an expansion to include desktop delivery for lead gen forms, and the ability to send lead data directly to two new partners, Salesforce Sales Cloud and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

LinkedIn Turns 15 years old and to celebrate they suggested you joined their 15th birthday conversation, by sharing what you wanted to be when you were 15 with #WhenIWas15.


Twitter is asking all users to change their passwords after it discovered a bug in its password system that left users exposed without encryption on an internal system.

While Twitter has said nobody accessed the password log, it asked all its users to consider changing their passwords.

Twitter introduces a brand new Twitter for Windows app: Providing a faster, easier to use experience with a refreshed look and feel. The latest update has been streamlined with a more consistent look and feel. In addition there are several highly-requested features, such as: extended character limit to 280 characters; access to the Explore tab to find topics relevant to your interests; ability to bookmark Tweets to be read later; improved accessibility for screen readers, and more.


SnapChat Introduces New Spectacles: Made for summer: Spectacles are now more comfortable to wear with a smaller profile and they're water resistant – so you can bring them to the beach or to your next pool party. Tap the button to record video with new and improved audio, and you can press and hold to take a photo. Snaps you capture will transfer to Snapchat up to 4 times faster and always in HD.

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