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Suffolk named fifth road-rage capital of UK in nationwide survey

Suffolk has been named amongst the road-rage capitals of the UK following a nationwide survey.

Data collected by Hey Discount has revealed the areas with the most angry drivers, with the county coming in fifth on the list.

Research found a huge 87.5 per cent of Suffolk drivers struggle with road-rage.

The survey showed 87.5 per cent of people in Suffolk suffer road rage. Picture: iStock
The survey showed 87.5 per cent of people in Suffolk suffer road rage. Picture: iStock

Suffolk Police Crime Commisioner, Tim Passmore, said: "Whilst we all have experience of frustrating delays for various reasons on the county’s road network there really is no excuse for road rage regardless of the circumstances.

"Most of our road network was developed many years ago before the advent of the internal combustion engine and was never designed to carry the volumes of traffic experienced today.

"Therefore I would urge all drivers to be patient and behave courteously towards all other road users.

"The traffic police including our commercial vehicle unit will continue to carry out enforcement when necessary regarding road rage incidents as we all need to do everything possible to keep the traffic flowing and the roads safe to use."

Meanwhile, the county with the highest number of angry drivers was East Riding of Yorkshire, with 100 per cent of those surveyed saying they experienced road rage.

Antrim came in second, with 90 per cent, and Lanarkshire and Northamptonshire came joint third with 88.9 per cent.

Durham and West Sussex are the counties with the lowest percentage of rage-filled drivers, with 41.7 per cent each.

The most popular road rage reaction is swearing, with 53.4 per cent of respondents admitting to it as a first reaction.

Shouting, beeping a horn and using hand gestures were among other responses.

The top causes or road rage were also revealed to be drivers on their phone and drivers not indicating.