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Climate crisis can still be tackled by conscientious Suffolk residents as ten-day solar deadline rapidly approaches

In response to our growing climate crisis, Suffolk County Council is helping local homes to become much greener at discounted prices.

The council is supporting a scheme called Solar Together Suffolk which offers savings to residents who choose to have solar panels placed on their house.

This scheme has a cut off point for registration on December13 and residents are being urged to get involved in solar power while they still can, in order to help save the planet.

Residents have until December 13 to sign up
Residents have until December 13 to sign up

According to Solar Together Suffolk, the average home with solar panels reduces its annual carbon emissions by almost one tonne. It goes on to say this figure is "the equivalent of driving 3,200 miles in an average petrol car."

The scheme is part of a longer term target of making Suffolk carbon neutral by 2030 and the more houses that sign up, the bigger the discount received by each house.

For more information, visit the County Council's website.