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Suffolk roads petition attracts 3,000 signatures as one driver says roads in Bury St Edmunds are worse than Afghanistan

An online petition calling for improvements to Suffolk’s pothole-riddled roads has garnered thousands of signatures in a matter of weeks.

The Improve and Maintain Suffolk roads to a Vehicle-worthy State petition at change.org now stands at 2,842.

Organiser Phil Robson said he had been overwhelmed with the level of support for the campaign.

Plastic ducks are currently living in a pothole in Mount Road, Bury St Edmunds. Picture: Submitted
Plastic ducks are currently living in a pothole in Mount Road, Bury St Edmunds. Picture: Submitted

He said the main cause of this year’s particularly bad pothole problem was not poor weather but lack of maintenance.

“Everyone who drives is talking about the state of our roads and the damage caused to their vehicles. It is no longer acceptable,” he said.

“We pay enough tax in various forms: Council Tax, emissions tax, fuel tax, etc – but we are not seeing a return. There’s no investment in our infrastructure, including our roads and proper drainage. We are not seeing roads swept, drains or ditches cleared and as a result we are seeing more flooding, which in turn is damaging roads and properties.”

Thousands of potholes have been logged on the Suffolk Highways reporting tool so far this year, with particular problems areas – such as Station Hill and Mount Road, in Bury St Edmunds, attracting multiple reports.

Last week, one of many reports calling for repairs at the Skyliner Way/Rougham Tower Avenue roundabout said: “I just come to UK, road very bad, no good. Road breaking, car tyre no good. Road goooder Afghanistan.”

Another report – for a deep pothole heading out of Bury, on the Compiegne Way approach to the Steve Lumley roundabout, said: “At least one metre wide and very deep in right carriageway. Almost impossible to see at night and when filled with water incredibly dangerous. A motorcyclist will be killed unless actioned at a priority.”

Meanwhile, a report for Station Hill logged on Tuesday said: “More potholes. The quick fix that was done a few months ago was a slapdash job – and now they're back. Please do it correctly next time. The state of this road is appalling.”