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More than 60 objections to Thurston homes plans off Barrells Road and Norton Road which would see allotments moved

Plans for new homes in Thurston, near Bury St Edmunds, have attracted dozens of objections within weeks of being submitted.

Messrs Myatt have applied for full planning permission to build five homes on land at Norton Road and are seeking outline approval to build a further eight homes, as well as move an existing allotments site, on land west of Barrells Road.

The Barrells Road proposals come after earlier plans for 58 homes on the site were withdrawn in 2020 following scores of resident objections.

Thurston village sign
Thurston village sign

The two schemes are part of a land agreement announced in January, in which Thurston Parish Council agreed to support the developments in return for the freehold of 10 acres of open space at the heart of the village, the freehold to New Green Community Centre, a site for a community wood and further allotments.

As part of the agreement the parish would take over ownership of allotments at Barrells Green, which would be moved within the site and expanded to accommodate 20 plots.

But the Barrells Road plan has already attracted 60 objections, while nine objections to the Norton Road scheme have been submitted to Mid Suffolk District Council planners.

Objecting to the Barrells Road plan, an Oakey Field Road resident, whose family has had an allotment on the site for more than 40 years, said: “This news has had a big effect on the allotment community. It’s very sad that it’s going to be bulldozed over for housing.”

A Cavendish Close resident said: “This development sits outside of the agreed village plan boundary and we do not need more houses and more traffic, more noise and pollution. This application plans to rip up the historic allotments and a large area of land that has been rewilded over many many years which has created a rich habitat for diverse wildlife.”

And a Plummer Close resident said: “It is apparent from public opinion that residents of Thurston are unhappy with the sheer amount of overdevelopment within the village. Yet again this is another unsympathetic application which is completely out of character with the area and will have a negative impact on existing residents, local wildlife, outlooks and road infrastructure.”

Responding to some of the Barrells Road objections, Thurston Paris Council told planners: “It should be noted there are currently no community allotments within Thurston. The allotments located on the current site are on private land and any agreement for their use as an allotment is between the user and the owner of the land.”

And objecting to the Norton Road scheme, an Acorns resident said: “The current 1,000-plus homes being built in the village are already resulting in traffic congestion, road surface damage, pressure on schools and health services. No more stress should be put on these for the provision of something that is not needed other than to fill the pockets of people who have already made millions from selling off acres of other farmland in the village for development.”

A Pakenham resident said: “The parish council is being openly ‘gifted’ a parcel of land. Has the parish council maintained its impartiality or is this something that can be bought?”

And a School Road resident – pointing out that the proposal went against the neighbourhood plan and would be outside Thurston’s settlement boundary, said: “It is in a completely rural situation and will be setting a precedent for future developments of this kind.

“As far as I can see, all the time and money spent on producing the neighbourhood plan was a complete waste of time if the parish council can completely override what was agreed by the villagers.”