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Conservatives and the Green Party win seats in the West Suffolk Council by-elections

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The results have come in for the West Suffolk by-elections with the Conservatives and the Green Party doing well.

Counts for two Bury St Edmunds Town Council seats and one on a referendum about the Great Barton Neighbourhood Plan also took place.

The first of the results for West Suffolk Council came from the Whepstead and Wickhambrook seat, which saw a 44.95 per cent turnout, and Conservative Sarah Pugh won this with 645 votes.

Councillor Colin Noble. (47008130)
Councillor Colin Noble. (47008130)

Her rivals, Labour's Robin Davies and the Green Party's Vicki Martin, registered 142 and 137 respectively.

Next was Lakenheath, which saw Conservative Colin Noble follow up his Row Heath Suffolk County Council seat victory on Friday with a 573 vote win here.

He was just ahead of Independent candidate Gerald Kelly, who had 434 votes, in the contest which saw a 28.93 per cent turnout.

The third declaration saw another Conservative councillor, Nick Clarke, win the Clare, Hundon and Kedington seat with 1,814 votes.

Beating Labour's Kerry Rogers, who received 697 votes.

The Abbeygate seat was taken by Julia Wakelam of the Green Party with 751 votes, Conservative Nick Wiseman was behind her with 606 votes and Labour's Cheryl Godber with 279.

Councillor Julia Wakelam (47007421)
Councillor Julia Wakelam (47007421)

Conservative's Birgitte Mager took the Moreton Hall vote with 1,098 in this contest which saw a turnout of 35.94 per cent.

Independent Barry Thomas saw 496 votes in this one with Labour's Cyrille Bouche with 495.

The last West Suffolk by-election result saw Sarah Stamp of the Conservatives take the Southgate seat, with 814 votes.

The councillor also won one of the Bury St Edmunds Town Council counts, by taking the Southgate seat with 866 votes.

The other on the town council, for St Olaves, was won by Conservative Thomas Murray, with 374 votes.

A vote on whether Great Barton's Neighbourhood plan should be used by West Suffolk Council for future planning applications within the plan's area saw a 45 per cent turnout on the referendum, with 688 votes and 88 per cent of voters in favour of the proposal.

West Suffolk Council by-election results -

Whepstead & Wickhambrook:

Robin Davies (L) 142 votes

Vicki Martin (G) 137 votes

Sarah Pugh (C) 645 votes ELECTED

Turnout: 44.95 per cent


Layla Britton (L) 119 votes

David Chandler (Ind) 64 votes

Gerald Kelly (Ind) 434 votes

Colin Noble (C) 573 votes ELECTED

Turnout: 28.93 per cent

Clare, Hundon & Kedington:

Nick Clarke (C) 1,814 votes ELECTED

Kerry Rogers (L) 697 votes

Turnout: 40.22 per cent


Cheryl Godber (L) 279 votes

Julia Wakelam (G) 751 votes ELECTED

Nick Wiseman (C) 606 votes.

Turnout: 43.23 per cent

Moreton Hall:

Cyrille Bouche (L) 495 votes

Birgitte Mager (C) 1,098 votes ELECTED

Barry Thomas (Ind) 496 votes.

Turnout: 35.94 per cent


Chris Dexter-Mills (G) 186 votes

Helen Korfanty (LD) 148 votes

Richard O’Driscoll (L) 251 votes

Sarah Stamp (C) 814 votes ELECTED

Turnout: 43.7 per cent

Bury St Edmunds Town Council results -

Southgate seat:

David Dawson (L) 329 votes

Helen Korfanty (LD) 211 votes

Sarah Stamp (C) 866 votes ELECTED

Turnout: 43.7 per cent

St Olaves seat-

Thomas Murray (C) 374 votes ELECTED

Richard O'Driscoll (L) 280 votes

Frank Stennett (Ind) 327 votes

Turnout: 27.44 per cent

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