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When Bury St Edmunds Martas Meet a Hollywood Marta

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The Bury St Edmunds Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society (BSEAODS) were surprised on Wednesday, when Debbie Turner was in the audience of their performance of The Sound of Music.

Debbie played in the Hollywood adaptation of the musical, acting as Marta Von Trapp, the seven year old character.

The cast had the pleasure of meeting the actress, during a warm-up, before their second performance at the Theatre Royal, in the town.

Eleni South and Oonagh Cantillon, who play Marta Von Trapp in the current production, had the chance to ask Debbie about her time performing alongside Julie Andrews and the rest 1965 cast.

The BSEAODS cast with Debbie Turner (9588179)
The BSEAODS cast with Debbie Turner (9588179)

The two Marta's, with the rest of the BSEAODS cast, were taking on her advice on how to boost their confidence and face their stage fright.

Debbie commented: "Getting and keeping children involved in the arts today is so important. It teaches them to read, how to become disciplined and make them very well-rounded individuals. it comes in handy in all aspects of life" This performance was Debbie's first visit to the Theatre Royal and she thoroughly enjoyed her experience, and the performance.

The theatre companies debut director, Alec Taylor said: "We're absolutely delighted to have had Debbie backstage with our young cast members and offering her advice. This is definitely a moment that's going to be cherished in these budding actors' memories for years to come!"

Debbie, who lives in the USA, was visiting family in Suffolk when she attended the performance as friends of hers were in the cast. She has recorded a video, that is up on the Bury St Edmunds amateur operatic and dramatic society's facebook page, saying: "I would like to invite you all to see the sound of music production at the Theatre royal, Bury St. Edmund's."

If you want to support the society, tickets are £10.50 and the Sound of Music production is running until Saturday, May 11.

Tickets are still available and it's not performed on Sundays or Monday. You can find out more information from the theatre website.