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Chris Boughton's angling column: Ian Andrews’ haul re-writes record book at Badwell Ash lake

Bury St Edmunds Angling Association held their annual Presidents Cup club match at Badwell Ash recently where Ian Andrews set a new weight record for matches at the lake with a net of mostly carp weighing in at 84lb 4oz.

With the air temperature nudging 30C and high humidity the competitors did not set up with a lot of confidence, despite regular catch reports of 30-50lb since the carp finished spawning. When Ian arrived at his peg he noticed several carp swimming in the shallow margins close to the bank and set up hoping to catch maybe a couple of fish before the disturbance drove the other fish out into the lake.

Initially feeding sweet corn and using it as bait he could see the fish rejecting his corn in the clear water. A switch to maggots produced stunning results with 17 carp landed weighing between three and 9lbs each. Ian deployed a five metre pole in 18 inches of water about 18 inches from the bank.

Ian Andrew, Rob Purnell and Bob Bonney were 1st, 2nd and 3rd at Badwell Ash for the Bury AA President's Cup Picture: Steve Bull
Ian Andrew, Rob Purnell and Bob Bonney were 1st, 2nd and 3rd at Badwell Ash for the Bury AA President's Cup Picture: Steve Bull

A long way back in second place but still with an impressive catch, weighing in at 41lb, was Rob Parnell who has enjoyed a good year so far in both club and veteran’s matches.

Bob Bonney wasn’t far behind Rob in third place with 38lb, the former club chairman Grant Humphries took 4th spot with 36lb 4oz and the current club Secretary David Plampin took 19lb 12oz to the scales in 5th place.

Despite the heat and humidity 91-year-old Tony Boughton had 13lb deploying his usually deadly paste as bait and included three stunning goldfish in his catch.

There was a good turnout for the first Bobby Coulson Memorial Fishing Match held by Newmarket AC Picture: John Millard
There was a good turnout for the first Bobby Coulson Memorial Fishing Match held by Newmarket AC Picture: John Millard

Tony has been match fishing at Bury AA waters and on Heron AC matches for nearly 60 years and has already retired once this year following a difficult match at Barrow Lake a couple of months back. He hasn’t joined Heron AC this year and this may well be his last Bury AA club match but he has had an amazing innings as a local match angler. Tony has won all the Heron AC and Bury AA match trophies, some more than once, over the years mostly using his deadly paste mix as a hook bait.

There wasn’t a huge attendance at the President’s Cup Badwell match but there was certainly a vast amount of angling experience and angling expertise sitting around the lake. There were five former Bury AA national team members taking part – Ian Andrews, Bob Bonney, Grant Humphries, Steve Bull and Tony Boughton.

Four days after the President’s Cup match at Badwell Ash Lake, the Bury club’s Veteran’s section held their weekly Thursday match there and the top four anglers weighed in a total of over 200lb of mostly carp (3-9lb range again).

On their last visit to Badwell, three weeks previous, Bob Huant came out on top with 34lb and this time he nearly doubled that, to win again, with 64lb 8oz from peg 3.

Following on from his 4th place in the Sunday match at the lake, Grant Humphries took the runners-up slot with 50lb 2oz from peg 4. Dave Tobin and Andy Walker were joint 3rd with both weighing in 40lb 8oz. There were also three 20lb plus weights that did not even make the frame! The lake is currently producing stunning catches for both pleasure and match anglers. The previous Thursday Bury AA’s Veterans fished their weekly match at Barrow Lake with the leading anglers there all including carp in their catches.

Fishing at peg 1, Dave Tobin led the way with 21lb including three carp. Rob Parnell framed again in second place, this time with a net including one carp, a couple of bream and a few of the small tench stocked there by the club last year. He fished peg 15 and weighed in 12lb 8oz. Bob Huant also framed again and included two carp in his third-place weight of 8lb 2oz from peg 17.

There are no day tickets for Barrow Lake or the lake at Badwell Ash. Fishing is strictly for Bury AA club members. Membership can be obtained from Tackle Up in Bury, Hooked in Newmarket and Just Fishin in Sudbury. For more details on Bury St Edmunds Angling Association visit their website.

At Newmarket AC July 24, 2021 was a date to be remembered. It was the inauguration date for the first ‘Bobby Coulson’ memorial fishing match with £800 being raised for the Mesothelioma charity.

The club’s secretary John Millard said: “Jackie Coulson first approached Gary Rimmer at Bobby’s funeral to ask Newmarket AC to arrange the match which is what we did.”

Bobby was a well-known local match angler and after his untimely death from mesothelioma, his wife Jackie asked for a memorial fishing match to be arranged each year to raise money for the Mesothelioma UK charity.

The match with 14 Newmarket AC anglers and 14 ‘Jolly Boys Match Group’ anglers took place on Mark’s lake & Emily’s lake ‘Frasers Fishery’ in Little Downham.

It was a close match with a win for the Jolly Boys match group with 100 points to Newmarket AC’s 110 points. Overall individual winner was Newmarket AC’s Dave Priestly.

Millard said Newmarket AC wished to thank the following: Jackie Coulson and family for the memorial shield and the amazing food spread; Fraser Gilbert for the use of his fishery; Hooked Tackle, Alex Bates Tackle; all individuals that donated prizes for the raffle and Tracey Hawkes and Andy Hawkes for running the raffle.

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