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Business Surgery: Marketing expert Lucinda Sloane, of Bird Media, has some predictions for 2024

At this time of year, I’m often asked by clients, “What should I include in my marketing strategy? What’s new? How can I ensure my business stands out?”

I don’t have a crystal ball, but I can make some educated guesses.

Here are my predictions for what is set to dominate the marketing world in 2024:

Lucinda Sloane, of Bird Media
Lucinda Sloane, of Bird Media

Customer-centric marketing

Ok, this isn’t a new concept, but it’s surprising how many businesses neglect a customer-centric approach to their marketing. Think of 2024 as the year of hyper-personalisation with social content, email marketing, and user experiences tailored to the individual customer’s wants and needs. Forget the blanket approach.

Mission-driven branding

Brands that demonstrate an authentic commitment to making a positive social and environmental impact will inspire greater advocacy from their customers. Fact. So remember, championing diversity, inclusion, sustainability and social justice is not a PR exercise, it is integral to your brand’s identity.

Diverse influencer marketing

The term “influencer” was added to the English dictionary in 2019, so if you’re not on board with influencer marketing, 2024 may be the year to invest; especially as there’s likely to be a move towards (more accessible) micro-influencers who represent a greater diversity of experience and, in turn, a wider customer base on which to form genuine connections.

AR and VR engagement

Has your brand entered the metaverse? In 2024, engaging customers in the virtual environment is a must. But how? Think interactive content, immersive experiences, gamification, virtual product try-ons, view-in-room technology, virtual tours...the possibilities are endless.

Subscription-based product models

Coffee, wine, cosmetics, T-shirts, socks, even slime – there’s a subscription for that. Subscription models provide convenience and delight to customers (who doesn’t love receiving a fresh pair of pants every month?), and a consistent revenue stream and brand loyalty to businesses. It’s a win-win.

Video marketing

I’m ending on an easy one. If you do just one thing in 2024, maximise your video output. Short-form videos, live streams, and interactive video content will continue to captivate audiences across social media platforms, so get that smartphone out and start creating.


Not sure where to start with your 2024 marketing strategy? Thinking of starting a new business in the new year? Talk to me. I am here for advice, ideas, guidance, just email lucinda.sloane@thisisbirdmedia.com to get started.