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Content is king, according to Lucinda Sloane, of Bird Media

You know how to string a sentence together, you understand your business better than anyone else, plus all marketing is video-based now, right? So, why would you need a content writer?

Here’s why:

The written word underpins all marketing activities

Lucinda Sloane, of Bird Media
Lucinda Sloane, of Bird Media

The written word reigns supreme in communicating your services, products and values to your customers. From traditional marketing literature (brochures, leaflets, business cards) and merchandising to website content, email campaigns, PPC advertising and social media – not forgetting internal communications, policies and procedures. Indeed, even video content requires a content writer – think script writing, storyboarding, annotations and introductions.

A content writer will save you time – and money

I speak from experience here. It took me two shameful years to launch my website. Why? Because I couldn’t find the time to write the copy. I even mentioned this to a client, whose response was: “You should hire a content writer!”

Bird Media (58599991)
Bird Media (58599991)

Business owners are too busy running their businesses to dedicate the required time and headspace to crafting effective copy. And when they do find the time, the process takes significantly longer than it should. Delays in creating content, spending too much time writing, producing ineffective copy, all of these are costing your business money.

Content writing is not “just writing”

Marketing content is a craft; it’s a learned skill that involves so much more than grammar, punctuation and spelling. A content writer brings unique customer insight, market knowledge, and an understanding of marketing mediums to every written communication. They understand how to use language and tone of voice to engage customers, address their needs, present solutions and inspire them to invest (both financially and emotionally) in you and your business. A content writer is a problem solver, a trusted advisor, an educator, a trendsetter, and your most important sales asset.

A fresh perspective + fresh content = greater results

To improve your online search results and drive customers to your website, you need to publish frequent, quality content. This means committing to regularly updating your website with optimised, non-spammy, relevant and engaging content. A content writer will not only bring expert SEO knowledge to copywriting but offer a creative and objective perspective to existing (tired) copy and blog writing.

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