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Emma O'Brien, from Cooper Lomaz, with some advice on interviewing online

Amazing how people can adapt, isn’t it? A year ago, worldwide panic took hold. Everything stopped. Now we’re in lockdown for the third time, and everything is still moving.

Behind the closed shopfronts and empty offices, away from the quiet streets, you can hear the sound of a nation getting on with it.

Working under lockdown was new and overwhelming 10 months ago. Now we all know the ropes, and systems have been upgraded from to be efficient and user-friendly.

Emma O'Brien, HR manager, Cooper Lomaz
Emma O'Brien, HR manager, Cooper Lomaz

There’s no need for hiring or job searching to stop – all you need is Zoom (or your video platform of choice). Many companies are going straight ahead with their pre-lockdown hiring plans via online interviews.

If you haven’t had the online interview experience by now (or if you have and it was awful), here are a few tips that work equally well whether you’re the candidate or the interviewer:

  • Dress as you would for a normal interview. Yes, the full outfit. You’d be surprised how often the camera gets knocked or you have to stand up and everyone sees your blazer-and-pyjama combo.
  • Make sure your background looks professional and free from distractions.
  • Get familiar with the technology in advance. Do a practice interview with a friend or colleague to iron out any gremlins, check you have a good internet connection and get feedback on how you come across.
  • Choose a quiet room with the door closed, preferably away from any windows leading to busy streets, and make sure others won’t disturb you
  • Remember that to make eye contact in a video interview, you look at your webcam, not at the person’s eyes on the screen.
  • Speak slowly and clearly and pause to make sure the other person has finished before replying. It’s easy to miss body language cues on screen.

Here at Cooper Lomaz, our experts are still working hard, and our clients are finding new ways to find the top talent. Get in touch and discover how we can help.

Emma O'Brien is HR manager at Cooper Lomaz


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