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Needham Market company SBC Skincare launches luxury hand gel with essential oils

For those suffering dry skin after months of sanitising, help is literally at hand thanks to a new product.

SBC Skincare has this month unveiled its ‘luxury hand cleansing gel with essential oils’, products which both moisturise hands and smell nicer than common gels.

And as they are formulated with 62.4 per cent alcohol, they are also essentially effective in eliminating the spread of germs.

The hand gel is available in two sizes (42355985)
The hand gel is available in two sizes (42355985)

Lianne Robinson, senior marketing executive of Needham Market -based SBC, said: “The demand for hand cleansing products is still at record levels with no sign of this slowing down.

“After the success of our Cleanse & Protect Hand Sanitising Gel, we have been working hard to add an element of luxury to this essential.”

The latest product from SBC is the Lemon Myrtle and Thyme Hand Cleansing Gel, which combines the alcohol formula with naturally delivered ingredients.

Lianne Robinson, senior marketing executive for SBC Skincare (42355946)
Lianne Robinson, senior marketing executive for SBC Skincare (42355946)

Ms Robinson said the gel also contained macadamia oil and glycerin to help nourish hands.

“Due to the high percentage of alcohol, necessary to deal with bacteria and viruses, hand sanitising products are known for drying out the skin.

“We saw a demand for a product like this. Now hands are sanitised, protected and left hydrated, smooth and soft.”

She continued: “It is a really fresh aroma, very lemony.

“You get a strong smell of vodka (from widely-found hand gels) but this smells amazing.

“What we wanted to do is take that into a sanitiser product that does not dry out your hands. This leaves your hands soft.”


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