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Marketing: How to find high-quality content marketing, by Kim Morrison

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For content marketing to work, you need a constant flow of high-quality content, which means you need an endless supply of ideas.

The best practice is to keep an ongoing list of ideas. Then when it’s time to sit down and produce content, you can refer to this list.

Take some time to fill out your list and keep it handy for jotting down ideas when inspiration hits. You’ll probably find it growing well beyond your needs.

male business man hand on a computer mouse close up (44572191)
male business man hand on a computer mouse close up (44572191)

Here are some places to look for ideas for your list:

> Answer questions. Find questions your audience is asking on Quora or other question and answer sites, online forums, or social media.

> Common problems your customers face. Think of questions people often ask you.

> The content your audience consumes. See what other blogs, social media profiles, or content creators they follow.

> Conduct keyword searches. Find high-volume keywords that people are searching for related to your business.

> Search for trending hashtags on social media sites.

> Your best performing content. Look at content that received a great deal of likes, comments, and shares, and see if there’s a way to duplicate that success.

> Find people to interview.

> Ask your audience what they’d like to see you cover.

Another great way to get ideas for content is to leapfrog off someone else’s content. No, this doesn’t mean stealing! It means taking someone else’s content and infusing it with your own ideas.

When done well, this is a highly effective shortcut to creating high-value content.

A good example of this method is sharing a news story. Find an article that relates somehow to your niche, or that you can add something to in order to help your followers apply the information.

Share a link and/or an excerpt of the article, along with your own commentary. This could be in the form of a blog post, a social media post, or even a video where you discuss the article.

You can offer an opinion or, even better, some actionable tips that your audience can use.

You can disagree with the piece of content and explain the reasons why you disagree. Another idea is to offer your view and ask your audience for theirs to give them an opportunity to engage with your post.

This idea works for any type of content, not just news stories. Share a blog post, a social media post or comment, a video, an infographic, a podcast episode, anything! This is great for you because it’s a very natural way to interact with your audience.

You’re also a consumer of content, so when you find something interesting, share it with your audience.

Breaking news (44572195)
Breaking news (44572195)

The security of rising audio social app Clubhouse is being questioned after a major data breach was detected over the weekend.

Facebook will restore Australian news publisher Pages on its platform after the Australian Government added new amendments to its proposed Media Bargaining Code.

Facebook is looking to improve awareness of climate change with an expansion of its informational tools.

Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok have all announced new tools and resources to assist users as part of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week.

After a spate of race-based attacks against footballers in the UK, Instagram is taking a tougher stance against abuse directed at users via DM.

LinkedIn is reportedly developing a new freelance marketplace which will enable users to find and book relevant contract workers.

Pinterest has launched a new home screen widget for iOS that highlights Pins in selected topics.

Snapchat has announced that its third annual Partner Summit will be held on May 20th.

TikTok has announced a new partnership with UFC which will see it broadcast exclusive content on the platform.

Twitter has published a new, 33-page trends report, which highlights a range of rising topics based on overall tweet engagement.


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