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Stradbroke New Street All Saints Green advertising sign refused by Mid Suffolk District Council after complaints

Plans for a large advertising sign at the site of a recently-approved 60-home development in Stradbroke have been refused by a council following complaints from neighbours.

The illuminated sign, which displayed the words “Welcome to ALL SAINTS GREEN”, was proposed for land south of New Street to advertise the new development which was given the go-ahead from Mid Suffolk District Council in July 2021.

The sign, which had, according to neighbours, been put up prior to gaining planning permission, was unpopular with residents and one stated: “It is totally unsuitable to have a huge advertising slogan on the side of a house in a rural position where few people will see it, other than residents who have no need of this advertising.

The development off New Street in Stradbroke. Picture: Google maps
The development off New Street in Stradbroke. Picture: Google maps

“The lights have so far attracted two break-ins to the site on the 2nd and 3rd of April, causing local residents to be concerned that those who broke in might start looking at surrounding properties.

“The lights are so bright that they shine into bedroom windows in the vicinity late into the night,” they added.

They went on to discuss concerns that the local bat population could be impacted by the lights and said: “There is enough roadside advertising without this on the verges.”

Stradbroke Parish Council objected to the plans and cited complaints from residents concerning the brightneess of the lights and the angle of the lights which meant they shone into their bedrooms at night.

The proposal was refused yesterday and the council officer stated: “The illuminated advertisement currently proposed, in addition to other existing signage to the frontage of the development site, demonstrably results in harm to the character and visual amenity of the street-scene, its countryside setting, and the setting and significance of heritage assets.”