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Felixstowe charity shop Sense staff ‘deeply upset’ after store ransacked during break-in – with call for community support

Staff at a charity shop in Felixstowe are deeply upset after their store was ransacked during a break-in over the weekend.

Sense, in Hamilton Road, was forced to shut its doors on Saturday after intruders forced their way into the store late Friday evening and caused thousands of pounds in damage and lost sales.

While cash is not kept on the premises, meaning little was stolen, a trail of carnage was left in the raiders’ wake – including the front and back doors being smashed and the back office being upturned.

Damage to the back office at Sense's Felixstowe store. Picture: Sense
Damage to the back office at Sense's Felixstowe store. Picture: Sense

And now, staff are calling on the community to rally around them and help the store recover.

Shop manager Tina Coleman discovered the ‘mindless damage’ on Saturday morning.

She said: “The team are very upset and disappointed about the break in at our Sense charity shop, but we’ve all worked hard to sort out the mess and mindless damage as quickly as possible and managed to reopen first thing on Sunday morning.

An example of damage. Picture: Sense
An example of damage. Picture: Sense

“We’re now trying to make up the losses we’ve suffered and the warm support we’ve had from the community in Felixstowe has really helped us.

“We would welcome any help local people can give us, perhaps by making donations, by volunteering – or by coming in to do some shopping, say ‘hello’ and cheering us up.

“We’re determined to fight back and achieve even better results for Sense.

“It’s a phenomenal charity that supports people living with complex disabilities including those who are deafblind, and we are so proud of our Felixstowe shop and the work we do here.”

Saturday is typically the team’s biggest day for trade.

Tina said any community support, including stock or cash donations, would be welcomed.

Alternatively, popping in to shop could also help the team get back on their feet.

A spokesman for Suffolk Police said the incident – which is being treated as a burglary – is under investigation.

He said raiders entered the building between 5.45pm on Jan 19, and 8.30am on Jan 20.

The front door was smashed and items stolen, before the alleged culprits exited through the back door, he added.