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Felixstowe musician Samuel Hughes joins with friend Mark Bradley to bring out charity single in aid of foodbank charities Basic Life and FareShare

A Felixstowe musician who experienced and overcame childhood poverty has released a charity single to raise funds to help feed youngsters in the same position.

Samuel Hughes, 32, was inspired to write his new song 'Right Their Wrongs' after seeing the efforts by Marcus Rashford and others across the country to help feed hungry families.

"I know personally how it feels to be hungry, how it can affect your whole life and outlook," said Samuel, whose deprivation as a child led to him committing crimes and serving jail time.

Samuel Hughes(43094833)
Samuel Hughes(43094833)

"I had a tough childhood and I saw my mother go hungry so that we could eat. I’ll never forget that feeling of powerlessness - when you need help, but you can’t get it.

"There's no way I could just sit by and do nothing."

It comes after the Conservative government voted against providing food during school holidays to those who are eligible for free school meals - a decision which has now been reversed ahead of the upcoming Christmas break.

Marcus Rashford. Photo: Martin Rickett/PA Images (43077733)
Marcus Rashford. Photo: Martin Rickett/PA Images (43077733)

And his frustrations about the decision led Samuel to Mark Bradley, who lent him support and helped set up partnerships with foodbanks FareShare and The Basic Life Charity - to which proceeds from the single will go.

"We are glad this decision has been overturned, however more than one million families are still struggling with the fundamental need of feeding their families, we are just trying to do our bit to help and promote awareness of this struggle,” said Samuel.

Mark added: "We just couldn't understand why the Government hasn't got a better solution or plan in place to feed our most vulnerable.

"Sam and I are both parents and it's painful to think about what it would be like not to be able to feed our kids.

Samuel Hughes and Mark Bradley have partnered together to release the charity single
Samuel Hughes and Mark Bradley have partnered together to release the charity single

"We know that families are struggling here in East Anglia just like other parts of the country. We just wanted to do everything we could.

"It’s so obviously the right thing that the Government has done a U-turn on funding free school meals out of term time. It’s a really positive step but it’s only the start and much more work and funds are needed to ensure that no one goes hungry."

And while the song touches on the challenges facing poverty-stricken families and children, it includes lyrics of hope - reflecting on Samuel's own life changes which saw him leave his past behind and get a job in domestic waste removal and car mechanics.

“Today I’m proud of what I achieved,” he said. “But I’d have loved a bit more help along the way. That’s what I want to do for people now. I want to help them find that hope.”

'Right Their Wrongs' will be available from Saturday on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and Tidal for just 50 pence.

FareShare will receive 70 per cent of all funds raised, while The Basic Life Charity will receive 30 per cent.

To pre-order the track, click here.

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