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We asked Suffolk residents if Boris Johnson should resign over latest Downing Street party scandal and this is what they said

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People in Suffolk have been reacting to the news the Prime Minister attended a garden party while the country was in lockdown during the Covid pandemic in 2020.

It came after a leaked email showed Boris Johnson's principal private secretary Martin Reynolds had invited more than 100 staff members to 'bring their own booze' and 'make the most of the weather' on May 20, 2020.

It is the latest in a series of scandals involving alleged parties while the UK was in lockdown - with further calls for the Prime Minister to resign.

Boris Johnson is facing calls to resign after the latest Downing Street party scandal
Boris Johnson is facing calls to resign after the latest Downing Street party scandal

The PM has been speaking on the topic at Prime Minister's Questions this lunchtime, admitting he attended and offering his 'heartfelt apologies'.

Yesterday, we asked our readers whether they thought he should step down from Number 10 and this is what we found.

A poll we conducted on our Instagram found found that 75 per cent of participants believed that he should resign, while comments on our Facebook pages also suggested the majority of Suffolk residents responding thought that he should leave his role.

Commenting on the matter, Clint Avery said: "Think it's time to chuck the lot of them out not one of them are any good."

Meanwhile, Sarah Bartram said: "He and everyone who attended should be sacked and then prosecuted for breaking the law. People were unable to visit their dying relatives or attend loved ones funerals, when these MPs were busy having an illegal party!!"

Jackie King opted to think ahead, saying: "Very quick to say he should go. But think hard about who would replace him."

"No it didn't make any difference to me whatever he did. They all work together anyway," Kathleen Baalham added.

Andrew James Deane believed he should have resigned at the start of the scandal, saying: "Yes. But then, he should have the last time - and the time before that."

One reader said: "He shouldn't resign over that, but he should resign because he's totally incompetent at the job."

Lisa Smith added: "He should have resigned ages ago. He won’t go anywhere though."

Let us know what you think in the comments below.