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Hadleigh police warn motorists to change inconsiderate parking habits around primary school or face legal consequences

Poor and inconsiderate parking habits have come under the spotlight in Hadleigh, with police pledging to take action if people leave their cars in unlawful positions.

Complaints from members of the public have increased in recent weeks, over the manner of vehicles parking in and around Hadleigh Community Primary School, particularly during pick-up and drop-off times.

Issues highlighted include cars parking in disability bays without a permit, on yellow lines, on pavements, on zig-zag lines next to zebra crossings and, in some cases, blocking driveways in Clopton Gardens.

Police have not ruled out penalising offending motorists
Police have not ruled out penalising offending motorists

In addition, several residents have reported instances of vehicles mounting and driving over the pavement in Station Road, in order to park on an area of grass.

On social media, multiple people claimed that the situation on the roads around the primary school had become “an accident waiting to happen”.

While Babergh District Council’s parking enforcement team is responsible for addressing yellow line and parking bay offences, Hadleigh Police confirmed it will prosecute those guilty of more obstructive actions.

Pc Niall Johnson, of the Hadleigh Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: “A parking offence of contravening yellow lines is made out, even if your car is the other side of the yellow lines and parked on a path or grass area.

“Just because you are clear of the road makes no difference.

“Technically, a vehicle parked on the grass [in Station Road] has committed two offences – the offence of driving over the path to get there in the first place, and of contravening the yellow line on the road when you park there.

“If you are responsible for any of the issues, please think about where and how you park.

“If the issues continue, I can guarantee either myself or PCSO Jo Adams will be issuing traffic offence reports.

“A long-term solution to deter parking on the grass area is in progress with the council.”

Motorists who are found to have illegally driven over a path can be handed a financial penalty.

Meanwhile, the punishment for blocking driveways or parking near zebra crossings is a fine, plus points imposed on the offender’s driving licence, if the infraction is deemed to be dangerous.