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Haverhill's Outspoken Theatre Company all set to hit the road with Shakespeare production

Local touring Shakespeare players bring one of the Bard’s greatest dramas to various open-air venues in and around Haverhill over the next week.

Outspoken Theatre Company will be performing Othello in parks, pub gardens and private gardens in their 18th annual tour.

Director David Hart describes the play as a riveting domestic drama of love, jealousy, hatred and murder, interspersed with black comedy and some of Shakespeare’s greatest poetry.

Does Desdemona (Emma Letcher) need to be frightened of her new husband Othello (Steve Murray)? Contributed picture (13722159)
Does Desdemona (Emma Letcher) need to be frightened of her new husband Othello (Steve Murray)? Contributed picture (13722159)

He added: “Famously, there is a racial element as Othello is a Moor, which can be interpreted as black or Arabic. Either way he is an outsider, but one who is vital to the State as he is its most successful general.

“When he marries a girl much younger than himself, his adjutant Iago, who resents him and his success, sets about destroying him by insinuating that his wife is having an affair with his young lieutenant.

“Iago is one of the greatest villains ever created and, in many ways, the centre of the play.

“As always, we will be giving the play a modern setting, in a Middle-Eastern theatre of war.”

Many of Outspoken Theatre’s regular players will be taking part, including Steve Murray as Othello and Alan Davison as Iago.

Emma Letcher plays Othello’s young wife Desdemona, Lorraine Mason plays Iago’s wife Emilia and Tom Cross is Cassio, and has also arranged the fight scenes.

Venues and times are as follows: Saturday, 7pm Hildersham Churchyard; Sunday, 6.30pm Chevington Lodge Farm. Monday 7.30pm, 28 Dash End Lane, Kedington; Tuesday, 7.30pm East Town Park, Haverhill; Wednesday,7.30pm, Hundon Plough; Thursday, 7.30pm, Stoke by Clare Lion; Saturday,Rolfe’s Farm, Wickhambrook. Tickets are available on the gate at all venues. Prices vary. Food and drink may be brought, except at the pub venues.

A scheduled performance on Friday, July 26, at Great Thurlow Hall has been cancelled.