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Haverhill nurse Julie Andrews gearing up for Uganda outreach trip with Dentaid

A dental nurse from Haverhill with more than 30 years' experience is gearing up for a trip to Uganda to provide care to those in need.

Julie Andrews, 52, will journey to Africa with dental charity Dentaid for the first time this June.

The organisation offers advice and treatment in both the UK and abroad, working with schools, prisons, orphanages and community groups and teaching them how to improve oral hygiene.

Julie Andrews will head to Uganda with Dentaid in June. Picture: Julie Andrews
Julie Andrews will head to Uganda with Dentaid in June. Picture: Julie Andrews

Julie said: "I've had quite a lot of experience with dental nursing and since Covid, I've been thinking about giving that back to struggling communities.

"I think the trip to Uganda offers a fantastic opportunity for myself and others going.

"I've been in the industry for more than 30 years and want to challenge myself a little bit.

"It's all well and good working in a dental surgery in the UK, but out there I'll have to use techniques I've not thought about in years."

Julie is still preparing for her trip, collecting donations such as toothbrushes or dental equipment.

While in Uganda, the team could see as many as 200 patients per day and the charity will bring in help from local communities.

People could walk for miles to the team to get dental care, so Julie said it was important they gave them care to remember.

In her role as a dental nurse, Julie may help sterilise equipment, advise on toothbrush use and help dentists remove teeth, offer semi-permanent fillings and ease pain.

Julie said she had quite the varied career, working in her hometown of Haverhill, Milton Keynes, Northern Ireland, Lowestoft and Cambridge.

Julie will be in Uganda for about two weeks, she said.

She added: "Going out in this way is always something I'd wanted to do, especially since Covid and we've not been able to go anywhere. I love my job and I'll be very focused when I'm there.

"Outreach programmes like this can be very fulfilling. Even here in the UK, I get people recognise me in the street for other projects I’ve worked with.”

“I’m heading out to provide aid for people, so anyone I can help is a win.”