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Vision for Cambridge transport network transformation could have knock-on effect in Linton and Haverhill

A vision to transform transport in Cambridge over the next 10 years could have a knock-on effect in surrounding areas.

Proposals, including a metro system with underground tunnels and branches out to other towns and villagers, are in development.

Cycle routes connecting the city to surrounding villages and workplaces and new railway stations making it easier to travel cross-country could also be in the pipeline.

Camridge travel network 2019 (44440062)
Camridge travel network 2019 (44440062)

The Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) – which is working alongside the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority – is using a London Underground-style map to demonstrate how the city’s transport network could function beyond 2030.

Their plans fall into five categories: busways, metro, cycling, railways and restricting cars.

Of these, the metro is the most ambitious and could potentially provide around 140 miles of transport network for less than £4 billion.

Cambridge travel plan 2030 (44440059)
Cambridge travel plan 2030 (44440059)

The metro could be delivered in two phases: first the inner corridors, then the tunnelled sections and outer corridors.

In the first phase, new busways would be built. Later, if the metro won the green-light, the busways could be joined and converted into metro routes.

The GCP is tasked with delivering the first phase and has identified four key routes, which start near to the edge of the city and extend out. It has proposed a busway for each.

The busways would offer a segregated road space to be used by public transport vehicles only, like a train without a track, which could be used by specially designed vehicles or potentially by regular buses.

Cambridge proposed busways map (44440384)
Cambridge proposed busways map (44440384)

Of the proposed busway routes, Cambridge South East Transport is the most advanced along the planning stages. It would connect the Biomedical Campus with a new park and ride to the east of Babraham.

The route is expected to improve public transport links with parts of Sawston, Stapleford and Great Shelford, and connect with the Babraham Research Campus and Granta Park, with an on-road service envisioned beyond the busway to Haverhill. It could be completed by 2024.

Busways, phase two: The city’s busways would be connected and converted, linked via tunnels and stations in the city centre and extending out to reach places further afield.

Cambridge proposed greenways map (44440382)
Cambridge proposed greenways map (44440382)

Railways: Proposed changes include three new stations, a new railway line and relocating Waterbeach Station.

Cycle network: GCP is working on two major cycle projects. One, the greenways network, features 12 routes connecting some of the villages – including Linton – with each other and Cambridge.

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