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More needs to be done in Haverhill about overflowing dog waste bins, say residents

Calls have been made to West Suffolk Council to do more about dog waste bins in Haverhill that are overflowing with bags.

Having got fed up with regularly finding the dog waste bags spilling on to the ground from bins, Haverhill resident and dog owner Chris Cullum contacted West Suffolk Council (WSC) to see what can be done to rectify the problem. He also made a formal complaint about it.

Mr Cullum, of Forties Close, said: “I have contacted them numerous times over the last six months about their emptying of dog bins.

A dog waste bin just off Shannon Close in Haverhill that has overflowed
A dog waste bin just off Shannon Close in Haverhill that has overflowed

“Lots of the bins now are chock-a-block on a daily basis because they are too small and can’t cope with the amount going into them.”

Mr Cullum went on to say: “I have asked so many times for dog waste bins to be emptied regularly, an example being two weeks ago.

“Emperors Green is a green space with lots of dog waste bins, most hadn’t been emptied for days and were full up to the point of overflowing. Even a 90 litre wheelie bin was full up.

Joe Mason, creator of the Keep Haverhill Tidy Facebook group, which now has more than 800 members.
Joe Mason, creator of the Keep Haverhill Tidy Facebook group, which now has more than 800 members.

“Since Thursday the bins on Emperors Green have slowly been filling up and not emptied. On Sunday the dog waste bins were all full up.

“More and more people have bought dogs since the pandemic and hence more mess etc, so more bigger bins are needed everywhere. The little red ones are no use.”

Mr Cullum also said: “I’m not sure how the council will deal with my concerns but as the hotter weather comes dog waste needs sorting out regularly as it attracts flies and then maggots. Not healthy whatsoever

“As a resident who pays council tax I think it’s a very poor show indeed.”

Margaret Marks, a member of the Keep Haverhill Tidy group and a town and district councillor, said she has also raised the issue with WSC.

She said: “What I have said to West Suffolk Council is please could we have a discussion about the dog bins, whether we need to look at increasing the cycle of emptying, or how else we could manage them.

“I’ve asked, can we please get out some information to the public about the costs of collecting waste and what we do and how that relates to how council tax is spent.”

Cllr Marks added that the problem of overflowing dog poo bins does appear to have got worse in Haverhill over the past few months but did also add that the council only has a finite amount of money to spend on its waste services.

Joe Mason, the founder of Keep Haverhill Tidy and a town and district councillor, said: "As a district councillor I share concerns regarding issues to with litter, waste and overflowing dog waste bins.

"I will continue to support residents by working with West Suffolk Council to find solutions to problems as they arise."

A council spokesperson said last Tuesday: “Bins are being emptied regularly and with greater frequency where there is increased footfall.

“More outside exercise during lockdown has meant bins fill faster and our message is that if you find a bin full, please find another one or take waste home, rather than leave it to spoil the environment.

“Dog waste can be put in any public rubbish bin, not just the red ones.

“We are meeting with Mr Cullum today to walk the areas he has highlighted and understand his concerns.

“You can report a dog foul that needs clearing or a full dog bin by calling Customer Services on 01284 763233.”

Following his meeting with a council worker, Mr Cullum said it has been agreed to relocate some of the bins on the green areas behind the Wilsey estate and investigate providing some larger bins.

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