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Haverhill dog owner’s distress as English Bulldog cross ‘attacked’ by Cane Corso breed dog - and later dies

A heartbroken dog owner has told of her distress after her dog was attacked while out walking - and later died.

Rosie Cornelius, 26, of Haverhill, said her English Bulldog cross, Teddy, was taken for a walk around 9.30pm on Sunday, May 12, in the Puddle Brook Playing Field.

She said a large grey Cane Corso breed dog, that was not wearing a lead or collar, ran over to Teddy and attacked him. It is alleged the dogs owners were ‘drunk’.

Rosie Cornelius with Teddy. Pictures: Rosie Cornelius
Rosie Cornelius with Teddy. Pictures: Rosie Cornelius

The following day, Teddy was still distraught after the attack, was panting heavily and she took him to the vets - where he died.

Police are investigating.

Ms Cornelius said: “Teddy was a one-year old English bulldog cross who was the soppiest dog around.

Teddy at home
Teddy at home

“He was a lot like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh, scared of his own shadow and the most loving dog that craved love and attention constantly.

“He didn’t have a vicious bone in his body and I’d often take him to a care home to see the residents, more so when he was smaller because Teddy believed he was a lap dog, and he would just because he wanted to sit on their lap and get their attention.

“Teddy was taken for a walk at around 9.15pm - 9.30pm due to the heat we had had on Sunday. Because of Teddy’s breed he struggled in the heat so the later the better, he was taken out with his harness attached to his collar, and a lead.

“Although Teddy would have been let off the lead at some point, he was put back on the lead when there was any other people or dogs even though he had recall, you never know how other people will react.

Teddy went everywhere with the family
Teddy went everywhere with the family

“Whilst on the walk, the people walking Teddy spotted people on the other side of the field so they put him back on his lead. As they approached, they realised the three people with the dog were highly intoxicated with bottles all around them and unable to talk very clearly.

“This is when the dog approached Teddy and then attacked him, as Teddy’s walkers were trying to calm him down, this is when the three drunk men asked about Teddy’s name.

“Teddy’s walker had no way of getting the other dog off Teddy. Teddy was lying down with his paws over his head in fear whilst his walkers tried to get the dog away from him. He is a heavy boy, so they weren’t able to lift him off the floor.

Teddy asleep
Teddy asleep

“Whilst all this was happening the owners and friends laughed as Teddy was being attacked, until his walker begged for help in which they proceeded to rip the dog off Teddy.

“They then all rushed home and told us what had happened and we rang the police, whilst trying to calm Teddy.”

The next day, Teddy was still panting heavily, and was taken to the vets.

Rosie said: “The vet said Teddy had put so much stress on himself, that his heart stopped and there was nothing else they could do for him.

“My whole family and all my friends are devastated beyond belief.

“We have all been left feeling empty. He was very much part of a big family unit and he did everything with us.

“We’re also so angry that such reckless ownership of a dog has left us without our baby boy. Teddy had so much life left in him, so bouncy and bubbly with such a great personality he was so loved and we’re all lost without him.

The dog that is alleged to have attacked Teddy is described as a black or grey Cane Corso.

Police say three men were walking with the Cane Corso when the incident took place.

All three men are described as white. One was wearing a long, dark coat, while another had short dirty-blonde hair and was wearing shorts. All three men had cans in their hand.

Anyone with any information about the three men or the owner of the Cane Corso dog is asked to contact Suffolk Constabulary on 101 quoting crime reference 37/26935/24