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Police urge residents to review the security of their homes after a spate of burglaries

Police are urging residents in Haverhill to review the security of their properties after three areas were burgled yesterday afternoon (Wednesday).

Homes were broken into in Horsham Close, Colne Valley Road and Hamlet Road between 12.15pm and 10pm, an untidy search was made in each home.

Jewellery and cash were stolen.

Burglaries in Haverhill.
Burglaries in Haverhill.

Police are keen to speak with anyone who may have seen or heard any suspicious activity in the areas mentioned during the times given.

If you have any information, please contact Suffolk Police on 101 quoting crime reference 37/70338/18, 37/70361/18 or 37/70363/18.

Or use the online crime reporting link www.suffolk.police.uk/contact-us/report-something

Police have advised that most burglaries are committed by opportunist thieves who will search a neighbourhood for homes that look empty or dark, with access to back gardens.

They also look out for windows that have been left open and unlocked doors.

They have published the following steps to reduce the risk of being burgled:

  • Lock all doors and remove the keys before leaving the house. This limits the amount of escape routes available to burglars.
  • Keep front doors locked even when you are at home and especially if you are in the back garden.
  • Close all windows fully before you leave the house, lock downstairs windows and remove the keys.
  • Use window limiters to allow air in instead of keeping windows fully open, even when you’re at home.
  • Install window locks on upstairs windows that can be easily accessed by a flat roof.
  • Lock back gates using a sturdy lock such as a closed shackle padlock to no less than CEN 3-4 security grade or 5 lever lock. For more information on types of locks and locksmiths visit the Master Locksmiths Association website.
  • Leave low-energy lights on timers around the house and keep a radio on to make it seem as though someone is home.
  • Use ‘dusk-to-dawn’ sensored security lighting, which is a cheap, low cost way of making sure the front of your home or shed/outbuilding is well-lit.
  • Burglars often prefer to work in the dark to avoid detection. Stop burglars from hiding in your driveway and paths by installing an ambient security light that will not disturb neighbours.
  • Use visible burglar alarms which can make burglars think twice, you can get specialist advice and consult your insurance company.
  • Ensure hedging and shrubs at the front of the property is pruned to no higher than one metre and trim trees up from the ground to two metres. This will allow a clear line of sight across the property and will stop the garden being used as a hiding place.
  • Keep your valuables, jewellery, cash, passport and deeds to your property in a safe.
  • Never leave spare keys in an open place. Hide them away to prevent them being stolen.
  • Keep dustbins and wheelie-bins away from fencing or gates as they can be used by thieves to climb into windows or used to escape.
  • Make sure valuables are property marked. Take photographs and keep a note of any serial numbers.
  • Don’t leave equipment and tools lying around that can be used by burglars to break into a home, such as hammers, shovels or gardening tools. Keep ladders locked away and out of sight.

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