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Vandals slammed for damage caused to Haverhill BMX track

The actions of arsonists who caused about £2,000 of damage to Haverhill’s BMX pump track have been described as a ‘slap in the face’ to everyone who worked hard to get it opened.

Two wheelie bins were pushed on to the starting area of the track off Greenfields Way on Sunday and set alight, with the fire taking hold of about two square metres of tarmac.

One appliance from Haverhill fire station was called to the incident at 3.42pm and had the fire under control by 4pm, but the damage to the track - which opened last December -now needs to be repaired and paid for with funds that should be used for the public good.

The opening of the new BMX Pump track in Haverhill last December. Picture by Richard Marsham
The opening of the new BMX Pump track in Haverhill last December. Picture by Richard Marsham

The track was developed as part of the Haverhill Local Conversation project in Haverhill South led by the residents of the Haverhill South People’s Forum, in partnership with Haverhill Community Trust and supported by Community Action Suffolk using funds raised by Health Lottery East.

Colin Poole, from the Haverhill Community Trust, said: “It’s such a shame that the volunteers have worked so hard and people put a lot of hours in. It’s such a slap in the face.

“Is it really necessary for people to damage it like that.”

Dave Smith, a member of the Haverhill South People’s Forum and a town councillor, said: “It’s been reported to the police but there’s nothing they can do about it because there are no witnesses.

“It’s the fact that it’s a community asset and we did it for the community and we have people come along and not appreciate it.

“It’s taken four for us to get it to fruition. We’ve got a little bit of money in the kitty but we would rather be using it for something else.”

Mr Smith added that the track has become very well used, carries a great health benefit to the users and has also led to more children cycling to school.

At the time the track was opened Mr Smith was the chairman of the people's foru and he had said that it would be a 'legacy people in Haverhill south would be proud of.'

He also said: "This track came from an idea conceived by, fought for, and realised by the residents of Haverhill South with the help and support of many people.

“Please enjoy the track, and treat it and the riders that use it with respect.”