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Six haunted sites in and around Suffolk including Bungay Castle, Dunwich and Borley Rectory

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Suffolk is full of haunted houses, creepy castles and paranormal places, and with so many impressively old buildings and so much history, are we really surprised?

To make it easier for the amateur ghosthunters among us, we've devised a list of six Suffolk locations where people claim to have witnessed the other side:

6. Dunwich

Dunwich Heath. Picture: Google maps. (49546949)
Dunwich Heath. Picture: Google maps. (49546949)

The seaside village of Dunwich often leaves visitors feeling spooked, as many report hearing church bells ringing from beneath the sea.

Some also say they have spotted ghostly sailors on the beach, supposedly searching for their loved ones.

5. Christchurch Mansion and The Woolpack

Christchurch Manison, on the grounds of Christchurch Park in Ipswich, is apparently home to several spectres.

Visitors have often reported the sight of an Edwardian lady dancing and laughing in the Upper Gallery, sometimes joined by two children.

Others have seen a lady in a grey, full length gown appear right in front of their eyes, while some report seeing the ghost of a young servant girl walking up and down the halls.

The Woolpack, Ipswich. Picture: Google Maps.
The Woolpack, Ipswich. Picture: Google Maps.

The Woolpack pub, located next to Christchurch Park just a stones throw from the mansion, has also been reported as a hotspot for the supernatural.

The most famous ghost, whom hunters have named Grog, is believed to be the Admiral Edward Vernon who died in 1757. While some think he is a hoax, others have reported him ripping a sign from the wall of the pub.

Other ghosts include a monk, a seaman searching the pub for 'Mary' and a former landlord called George.

4. Bungay Castle

Built in the 1100s by Roger Bigod, this Norman castle is said to be haunted by Hugh, one of the Bigod family members.

Believers also report to have spotted Black Shuck, a large black dog who, in 1577, massacred a man and a boy in Bungay before fleeing to Blythburgh and killing locals at the church.

Locals attribute Shuck to the devil based on scorch marks that can still be seen on the door to the church to this day.

3. Roos Hall

Roos Hall is said to be one of the most haunted houses in England.

Located just outside Beccles, this 16th Century manor is supposedly haunted by a phantom coach and horses that appears on Christmas Eve and charges down the driveway to the front door.

Inside the carriage, legend has it, is a member of the Blennerhassett family, who once owned the hall, with a ghostly woman who is said to make you go mad if you look into her eyes.

Many witnesses say they've seen a lady dressed in white who appears at night, and a man in a brown jacket who was hung from a tree on the grounds for stealing, only to be found not guilty after his death.

The hall is privately owned but can be booked for tours if you want to try and witness the other realm.

2. Orford Castle

Many staff members at the gift shop of Orford Castle have heard the footsteps of what is believed to be the old chaplain Philip Wimar, pacing the chapel which is directly above the shop.

Many have reported the smell of ale in the castle, but it never lingers for long enough for another staff member to notice it at the same time.

1. Borely Rectory

Borley Church, 3 miles from Sudbury.
Borley Church, 3 miles from Sudbury.

Borley Rectory and Church, on the South Suffolk border just three miles from Sudbury, became infamous for its terrifying ghost stories in 1929.

Reports were investigated by psychical researcher Harry Price, the events of which inspired 2020 film, The Banishing.

The Rectory, said to be the most haunted building in the England at the time, mysteriously burnt down before the second world war and many have reported spectre sightings and spooky goings on in the area around the old rectory since then.

Witnesses have reported seeing the ghost of a nun who was supposedly buried alive in the grounds, hearing invisible bells ringing, footsteps and whispers, as well as some sightings of a ghost boy in Victorian clothing.

Are you brave enough to visit any of these 'haunted' Suffolk locations?

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