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Don't get complacent about coronavirus because of Freedom Day, says Suffolk's chief constable Steve Jupp

As we move through the Government’s roadmap for easing restrictions I would like to thank the community of Suffolk for aiding in the county’s response to bringing the case rates down.

As the rates have reduced in Suffolk so has our demand in relation to needing to enforce the regulations. This has allowed us all to play our part in navigating through the easing of restrictions and refocussing our efforts on keeping crime down and the county safe.

The next steps of the easing of lockdown are likely to have the biggest impact as the recovery continues and we find ourselves heading towards a new sense of normality.

Steve Jupp (49287317)
Steve Jupp (49287317)

As a coastal county we are likely to see a higher footfall of travellers into Suffolk so it is crucial that we don’t get complacent in allowing the virus to take hold again. Please continue to follow the Government guidelines and keep yourselves safe.

Anti-social behaviour can have a serious, negative impact on individuals and the community as a whole. This month the West Suffolk policing team have been working hard to combat anti-social behaviour (ASB) and to show perpetrators it will not be tolerated.

Bury’s safer neighbourhood team worked with the Kestrel team to target ASB related to takeaway food delivery drivers following the build-up of community intelligence and concern. The operation, which took place on 10 March, resulted in extensive hi-visibility foot patrol, the seizure of three cars for being on the road without insurance and 11 drivers being reported for traffic-related offences.

The modern-day slavery advisor and West Suffolk Council worked with officers on the day to educate, support and provide reassurance to the wider community and businesses to show how partnership working can have a positive impact on anti-social behaviour.

In Stowmarket, the safer neighbourhood team are continuing to work closely with our partners to support the wellbeing of the community and to promote quality of life in the area. The team is supporting the opening of a new vaccination centre which will continue the valuable work being performed by our NHS and volunteers.

The team has participated in a partnership panel meeting, which seeks to address anti-social behaviour in an appropriate and effective way, and the Stowmarket community engagement officer and locality inspector participated in the Stowmarket Town Council online meeting.

The town council is developing its crime and disorder strategy which is welcomed. The safer neighbourhood team is looking forward to continuing to work in partnership with the town council and is grateful for their support and investment into areas that will benefit our community.

In response to the ongoing ASB in the Boyton End area in Haverhill the safer neighbourhood team, in partnership with West Suffolk Council and Cotman Housing Association, have set up several actions in relation to ASB on the new development including; a bi-monthly community teams online residents meeting, joint monthly visits with the Police and Housing Association and a community Whatsapp group for residents to share experience, problem solve and disseminate crime prevention advice.

In Sudbury, Operation Benin was created after a number of arson attacks in a specific area and further ASB identified. There were extra patrols requested, a briefing document and a proactive team formed.

Working with the council and other partnership agencies has reduced the amount of calls to the emergency services, allowed for two housing closures and other notices issued to other ASB perpetrators and the area is having a large amount of building works completed to add further security measures.

The Kestrel team are also being deployed in Mildenhall to the area of Icewell Hill Flats were residents are still reporting concerns around anti-social behaviour and drug usage. Officers continue to pursue known offenders and to offer reassurance and support for the local residents.

West Suffolk policing team will continue to tackle anti-social behaviours but rely on the community and partners to share information with us. If you are aware of any anti-social behaviour or are a victim of it yourself please report to your local safer neighbourhood team who will be happy to help.

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