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Ed Sheeran speaks about Ipswich Town deal, his Framlingham home and parenthood

Ed Sheeran has been speaking with Suffolk News' sister radio station in Kent kmfm about his new single, his love of Framlingham and Ipswich Town and parenthood.

Speaking on the show, Ed revealed how the Ipswich Town sponsorship deal came about:

"My first football team that I played for, Framlingham Town FC, they contacted me saying would I sponsor the girls under 11 team and buy their kit?

"So I did that and then I got to thinking, 'oh I wonder if Ipswich ever would need a sponsor' because they were currently sponsored by a betting club that the fans were not like overly keen on but still it was like a good revenue stream for the club.

"That was just coming to an end so I asked and they agreed, which was cool, and the news came out around the same time as the European Super League, it was the same weekend.

"I feel like the two things were about as opposite as you could get, these really really rich people owning clubs wanting more money and then grassroots football because Ipswich are in League One, it's not televised, it is just people going to football because they love football."

Speaking about his new song Bad Habits, the Suffolk song writer said: "I wrote Bad Habits in January.

"I finished the album and the album is very much a classic me album in the sense of acoustic guitar love songs. I didn't have any songs that would shock people.

Ed Sheeran has spoken to kmfm about his new single Bad Habits
Ed Sheeran has spoken to kmfm about his new single Bad Habits

"I feel like Shape Of You when I came out with it, everyone was like, oh, God, this is different. It was the same as Sing for Multiply as well.

"And it's always good to start a campaign with a song that gets people talking. I mean, like it or hate it, people are talking about this song and it's because it's different."

Ed Sheeran cameoed in the film Yesterday, a movie about a struggling musician who is the only person to remember The Beatles.

Garry and Laura asked Ed what artist he'd rip off if he woke up tomorrow, and there was an artist that no one could remember, just like in the film.

He said: "Probably Elton John, I went through a kind of classic album phase in lockdown where I was listening to all the U2 albums and all the Elton John albums, Stevie Wonder, Joni Mitchell, and I think from my taste, I think Elton's my favourite.

Ed Sheeran became a dad last August
Ed Sheeran became a dad last August

"In lockdown I realised that Elton might be my favourite artists of all time."

Ed and wife, Cherry Seaborn, welcomed their daughter, Lyra Antarctica, in August 2020.

Speaking about parenthood, Ed said: "She's, she's fantastic. Everything's wholesome.

"People say I look better now after we had her, but I just looked dreadful before.

"I was really, really unhealthy. I was smoking, binge drinking, binge eating, not sleeping.

"I mean, ironically, I sleep more now than I was.

"Like before, and now it's not like as your your your parents, right? Like, it's not a lot of sleep. So it's, I feel great, man."

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