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Here’s who you can vote for during the upcoming Ipswich elections

Here’s who you can vote for during the upcoming Ipswich elections.

Ipswich residents will head to the polls on May 2 to elect a total of 18 councillors across all 16 wards in the borough.

As it stands, the Labour Party run the council comfortably, holding 32 out of the 48 available seats.

Ipswich Town Hall. Picture: Google Maps
Ipswich Town Hall. Picture: Google Maps

However, with several high-ranking seats up for grabs, the coming elections could prove crucial in the make-up of the council going forward.

The candidates are:


• Adam Rae, Labour (incumbent)

• Katheine West, Conservative

• Kelly Turner, Lib Dem

• David Plowman, Greens


• Paul Anderson, Labour

• Lee Reynolds, Conservative (incumbent)

• Lisa Weichert, Lib Dem

• Stephanie Cullen, Greens


• Bryony Rudkin, Labour and Co-op, (incumbent and current council deputy leader)

• John Downie, Conservative

• Sophie Williams, Lib Dem

• Adria Pittock, Greens

• Catherine Kersey, Reform UK

Castle Hill:

• Kim Cook, Labour

• Ian Fisher, Conservative (incumbent and current Party leader)

• Martin Pakes, Lib Dem

• Richard Foster, Greens


• James Whatling, Labour

• Albert Demaj, Conservative

• Amy Bendall, Lib Dem

• Robert Young, Greens

• Shayne Pooley, Independent (incumbent)

• John Beard, Reform UK


• David Ellesmere, Labour (incumbent)

• Rhys Ellis, Conservative

• Gerald Pryke, Lib Dem

• Lee Morris, Greens


• Nic El-Safty, Labour

• Pippa Gordon-Gould, Conservative (incumbent)

• Robert Chambers, Lib Dem

• Rory Todd, Greens

Priory Heath (two seats):

• Owen Bartholomew, Labour

• Roxanne Downes, Labour (incumbent)

• Robert Hall, Conservative

• Michael Scanes, Conservative

• Conrad Packwood, Lib Dem

• Andy Patmore, Greens

• Tom Wilmot, Greens


• Alasdair Ross, Labour (incumbent and current cabinet portfolio holder)

• Debbie Richards, Conservative

• Lucy Drake, Lib Dem

• Rachel Morris, Greens

• Timothy Hawke, Reform UK


• Philip Mcsweeney, Labour

• Sian Gubb, Conservative

• Robin Whitmore, Lib Dem

• Martin Hynes, Greens

St. John’s (two seats):

• Corinna Hope, Labour

• Neil MacDonald, Labour (incumbent and current council leader)

• Tim Buttle, Conservative

• Stephen Ion, Conservative

• Giles Turner, Lib Dem

• Jude Rook, Greens

St. Margaret’s:

• Sheila Handley, Labour

• Laura Allenby, Conservative

• Oliver Holmes, Lib Dem (incumbent)

• Kirsty Wilmot, Greens

Stoke Park:

• Chu Man, Labour

• James Harding, Conservative

• Henry Williams, Lib Dem

• Barry Broom, Greens


• Carole Jones, Labour (Incumbent and current cabinet portfolio holder)

• Stephen Kirby, Conservative

• Martin Hore, Lib Dem

• John Mann, Greens


• Tracy Grant, Labour and Co-op (incumbent)

• Mark Philips, Conservative

• Immo Weichert, Lib Dem

• Sue Hagley, Greens

• David Hurlbut, Reform UK


• Patricia Bruce-Browne, Labour

• David Goldsmith, Conservative

• Nicholas Jacob, Lib Dem

• Jason Williams, Greens

• Tony Gould, Reform UK (incumbent and currently an Independent)