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Suffolk couple Lesley and Gary amongst those competing in ITV’s The Fortune Hotel to take home £250,000

A couple from Suffolk are amongst those competing to take home a prize of £250,000 in a new big budget, TV game show.

Partners Gary and Lesley from Suffolk are amongst 20 contestant taking in The Fortune Hotel on ITV.

The show is billed ‘a thrilling and high-octane’ new reality entertainment event show; a glossier and more charming version of The Traitors.

Lesley and Gary from Suffolk. Picture ITV
Lesley and Gary from Suffolk. Picture ITV

It sees participants having to lie to each other, take part in challenges and figure out who the betrayers are as they stay in a luxury Caribbean resort.

Gary, 60, saw the programme advertised online and convinced partner Lesley, 55, to sign up with him.

He said: “Having been off work I was getting cabin fever and wanted to do something different, we’re getting older so want to fit in as many experiences as possible and this just happened to be something that interested us.”

Host Stephen Mangan. The Fortune Hotel: Picture ITV
Host Stephen Mangan. The Fortune Hotel: Picture ITV

Lesley said: “I just went along with it.”

Asked how they would spend the prize money, Gary added: “To use the money to retire early, I’d also like to give some of the money to my son to help him get on the property ladder.”

Hosted by Stephen Mangan, 10 pairs of contestants arrive at The Fortune Hotel, where they will be given an ‘all-important’ briefcase.

Inside one case is the ultimate jackpot of £250,000 in cash, eight are empty, and one contains the Early Checkout Card.

Every day the contestants have the chance to try to uncover who has which case through playing challenges, and as the “Whogotit” mystery ramps up, viewers will remain in-the-know throughout.

The climax of each episode is a ‘nerve-shredding’ case swap in the Lady Luck bar where each pair must decide whether to keep or swap their case.

The Fortune Hotel airs every Monday-Thursday at 9pm on ITV1, ITVX, STV and STV Player until Thursday

There will be eight 60-minute episodes in total.