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Stink bug spotted in Suffolk as experts warn farmers, wine-makers and homeowners to be wary

A flying stink bug which can reduce the value of crops has been spotted in Suffolk.

Farmers and wine-makers have been warned to be on high alert after experts at the Natural History Museum confirmed the brown marmorated stink bug had been seen in the county, as well as in Essex, London and Surrey.

The pest, which omits a foul-smelling oil when threatened, originates from South East Asia and has been present in the US since the mid-nineties.

The stink bug has been spotted in Suffolk
The stink bug has been spotted in Suffolk

But experts have warned that, due to global warming, it is now spreading to other parts of the world.

While the stink bug does not harm humans, it can diminish the value of various fruits, by making them less aesthetically pleasing and more vulnerable to diseases.

It can also get into grapes and ruin the taste of wines.

Homeowners should also be on guard, with the quick-breeding bug likely to invade homes during the winter months.

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