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Watch as abnormal load crawls from Ipswich to Eye, across the A14 and A140

The latest in a series of abnormal load movements throughout the county has been completed this afternoon (November 5).

Sections of the A14 and A140 had be closed to facilitate the transit, but the cargo has now arrived at Eye Airfield.

Suffolk Highways have been providing updates on X, formerly Twitter, throughout the day about the progress of the move, which many people have been tracking in person.

An aerial view of the abnormal load in transit on Bury Road, Ipswich, as it made its way to Eye Airfield. Picture: Suffolk Highways
An aerial view of the abnormal load in transit on Bury Road, Ipswich, as it made its way to Eye Airfield. Picture: Suffolk Highways

The abnormal load started its day in Claydon, just outside Ipswich at around 6.30am.

Soon after the several-hundred tonne carriage needed some help up a steep incline before making its way further into Ipswich

At Bury Road the load where the load was able to turn around by switching the end vehicles, then making its way towards the A14.

Checks were performed on the cargo and the roads along the way to ensure no damage was being caused to either in the mammoth effort.

The A14 slip road at junction 53 was closed at around 8am in anticipation of the abnormal load joining the carriageway, later making it on at around 8.15am.

Norfolk and Suffolk Roads and Armed Policing Team performed rolling road blocks to escort the cargo along Suffolk’s major road.

Within around half an hour, travelling at speeds of approximately 15mph, the load had made its way off of the A14 temporarily at junction 52 to allow traffic to clear and then carry on its journey.

After making its way back onto the A14. the A140 was closed just after 9am in preparation for the arrival of the cargo.

During this stage several people turned out at a bridge to see the load passing by.

It reached the A140 at around 9.40am, performing another switch of ends to then travel further into the county towards its final destination.

By 11.20am the load was passing through Little Stonham, near Needham Market, making its approach to the Mendlesham mast at around 11.30am.

At this point there was a brief stop for a tyre change, with a combined 224 tyres on the two trailers.

The cargo approached the Brockford Bridge point of the journey by 12.15pm, where a temporary bridge was installed to allow the load to successfully traverse the structure.

The bridge was used to protect the culvert beneath it.

By 12.30pm the unit had made its way over the bridge and was on the final stretch to the airfield.

Then, an hour and a half later after navigating some tight points, the abnormal load arrived at eye airfield.

All in all the journey took around eight hours and captured significant public attention.

The next movement will be made in two weeks time, November 19, leaving a break on November 12 to not clash with Rememberance Sunday.

Suffolk Highways issued their thanks to the teams involved with the move, and for more details visit here.