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Ipswich Town boss Paul Lambert looks like he knows the game is up after protests and Tuesday's bore draw with Northampton Town

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They say when it rains it pours and in Ipswich Town’s case it feels like it’s been raining enough for Noah and his Arc to come and get involved.

Like many supporters, I honestly thought relegation to League One would be the last of our suffering and that we’d go down with a manager who cared about the club, sort ourselves out and come back up stronger with more of an idea. Boy was I wrong! Sadly, the complete opposite has happened.

Yet another embarrassing, depressing and shameful performance was produced on Tuesday night against Northampton Town, which surely now has to be the final nail in a very battered coffin.

Ipswich Town fan Joey Sadler
Ipswich Town fan Joey Sadler

At the time of writing this column I am sitting here frantically refreshing news forums and praying that our so called ‘manager’ has finally been relieved of his duties. And if his post match press conference on Tuesday was anything to go by, you’d think this was finally the end.

Lambert for once was honest about the situation, admitting it hasn’t been good enough for a while and although he denied it, you could tell supporters’ group Blue Action’s protest on Monday had got to him.

He looked and seemed like a man who was fully defeated and in my opinion, somebody who is just begging for the sack and a payout now, which says an awful lot about him.

But where do we go now if/should/when Lambert finally leaves and puts us all out of our misery? Who do we need to get in and fix this mess?

We all have opinions and let me remind you this column is solely just my view and no way associated with the club nor necessarily the ‘right one’.

But I can’t see Marcus Evans employing any other manager other than Paul Cook.

The former Portsmouth and Wigan Athletic man has promotion from this division on the CV, as well as working on a shoe-string budget, not to mention he’s also called ‘Paul’, so for me it ticks all of Mr Evans’ boxes.

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