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Ipswich Town fan Joey Sadler says Paul Lambert seems to be the worst ever Town boss - and now is the time for Marcus Evans to act

And now, the end is near and so Paul Lambert faces the final curtain... or at least I hope he does!

Tuesday night was yet again another defeat for Town in which they didn’t score and made it six defeats in their last seven home matches which is quite frankly relegation form.

Now I know it was by no means made easy by Kayden Jackson’s foolish sending off in the 10th minute, and although Town did well to dig in and defended well for parts of the game, this is a results-based business. And that result has put Ipswich Town 10th in the table and five points off the play-off places, which is not acceptable.

Ipswich Town fan Joey Sadler
Ipswich Town fan Joey Sadler

I was pleased to see other local media outlets call for Mr Lambert’s exit and it’s got to the point now where even if you are his biggest fan, you simply can’t excuse this form.

These displays and results are always going to be hard to take, but imagine if we had a manager coming out firing, admitting things needed to improve and showing us belief he’s the man to change it, then we might feel a bit differently. But for now, all we hear is lacklustre, repetitive and pathetic answers even his own players don’t seem to agree with.

It seems like this is a recurring theme wherever Paul Lambert has managed.

At the start he says all the right things, buys you a pint and you love him! But very quickly that novelty wears off and If you look at previous articles from fans of Aston Villa, Wolves and Blackburn, it’s frightening to see the comparison from what they were all saying then, to what we are now.

That is why I am now desperate for change. You can see those players are no longer buying into Lambert’s ludicrosity. Just imagine the lift a new manager, new ideas and new philosophy would give everybody associated with the club, it might even save our season.

So to Marcus Evans: it’s time to sack Paul Lambert, who will go down as one, if not, the worst Ipswich Town managers in history.

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