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I was no fan of Mick McCarthy by the end at Ipswich Town – but Paul Lambert is worse

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Cowardly. That’s the perfect word to sum up Ipswich Town’s showing Tuesday evening, as well as the manager’s behaviour afterwards.

To be honest, I’m quite sick of talking about him now and it’s shocking that the so-called ‘hierarchy’ of this club cannot see this is now an unsalvageable task.

It really makes me question Marcus Evans as he has made not one, two or three, but four unsuccessful, incorrect and appalling appointments as manager.

Ipswich Town fan Joey Sadler
Ipswich Town fan Joey Sadler

Now we all know Evans is not a football man, he wouldn’t know football if one hit him straight in the face and over the years he’s had some pretty atrocious right-hand men ‘advising’ him which way to go down.

Simon Clegg and Ian Milne came and filled our ears with rubbish and now Lee O’Neill has been added to that list, doing exactly the same thing.

Apparently, Lee comes from a football background but it’s hard to see any sign of that as he appears to be another ‘yes man’ for Marcus.

Can anybody truthfully say Paul Lambert is doing a good job and wants him to stay? Because I cannot see how he will ever win me or any Town fan back on side.

The stats don’t lie and let’s be honest, he got away with murder when the club was relegated – we were still singing his name in the summer! But for me, it’s now the arrogant, stubborn and foolish style in which he carries himself that I utterly despise.

Now don’t get me wrong, I was no fan of Mick McCarthy, he had done a great job but we had all come to the end of that road, especially when he became arrogant, stubborn and abused fans.

But I’d actually now argue Lambert is more arrogant, more stubborn and insulting fans far worse than Mr McCarthy did, without results or substance to back it up! Disappointing, disastrous and a disgraceful excuse for a manager; it’s now time to get him out of my club.

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