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Ipswich Town column: A chance to experience another promotion at Portman Road as Kieran McKenna’s side need one more point

Ipswich Town and midweek away games. Why were we ever worried? Once again this group delivers on the biggest possible stage. Honestly, you just can't believe it can you? Yes last season was good, but the 20 that had come before that were complete misery. I'm still not used to us being this good!

What a night and yet more history that Kieran McKenna and his team have made. I often revert back to my younger self, wearing a full kit at every non-uniform day at school desperate for that one day we might actually do something.

Whilst my friends were supporting Manchester United and Liverpool, I always stood by my beloved Ipswich. My home town. My identity. Football means everything and these aren't just some of the best days supporting Town, these are some of the best days of my life. As I’m sure they are yours, too.

Supporting Ipswich is different to supporting any other club. A one club county. If you're from Suffolk, you support Town and the likelihood is your whole family does too. Portman Road is home for us all. It's the people we meet, it's the friends and family we see, it's the memories that are made and almost one year to the day since our last promotion. This weekend sees a chance to experience another.

Kieran McKenna and his team will not need me to tell them how important Saturday is. They’ll know, and will have a plan for getting the job done. Knowing McKenna, I'm sure he's already planned for Huddersfield and the threats that they bring.

But if I did have something to say, it would be to do it for Suffolk. Do it for our community. Do it for those Town fans yet to see us in the Premier League. Do it for those Town fans who have seen it all. But most importantly, do it for Ipswich. This old Town was asleep for too long. It has woken up and it's time for football's biggest stage to see our famous club back in the big time once again. One more hurdle. One more point. Come on Ipswich.