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Ipswich Town legend Mick Mills disappointed with club's decision to go public with change in recruitment process

Club legend Mick Mills has hit out at Ipswich Town for revealing the intention to revamp their recruitment process.

Yesterday general manager of football operations Lee O'Neill announced that the Tractor Boys intended to implement a new data and statistics led approach to how they operate in the transfer market, with recently appointed boss Paul Cook expected to make sweeping changes to his squad in the summer.

However, the news was met by criticism in some quarters, leading to questions as to why Town were not already working this way – like many other clubs – when it came to bringing in new signings.

Mick Mills is a hero among the Ipswich Town faithful
Mick Mills is a hero among the Ipswich Town faithful

And it's a viewpoint shared by UEFA Cup-winning captain Mills, who insisted the club should have remained 'quiet' and accused them of being 'behind the times'.

"Just be quiet, don't come out and say you're going to be doing this – you should have been doing it anyway," the former England international told BBC Radio Suffolk.

"It's a far more sophisticated way of doing it now, and perhaps they've got more access to far more facts and figures to what they used to have, but even in years and years gone by, that's roughly what you used to do.

"You would look at how consistently does a player play to start with. Has he a history of injury problems? That's something you would look at. If he's a striker, how many goals does he score per game? That type of thing. Is he a creator? A strong player? Quick? When you are assessing a player 50 years ago, you take into account all those things.

"They can lead to numbers and certainly these days things are number driven because they have the capabilities of doing it, but it's not new and we shouldn't all of a sudden be coming out with that because it makes us look miles behind everyone else."

And after highlighting Championship outfit Brentford as a shining example of how to run a club properly, Mills added: "If people working for Ipswich Town Football Club want to know a little bit about recruitment, they could have learned from Brentford five or six years ago. We are way behind the times."

Mills was also far from impressed with the performance against Bristol Rovers this afternoon, despite the fact Town recorded a 2-1 victory. He said: "It was so bitty, so untidy, so inconsistent – consequently, it's so, so poor to watch."

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