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RSPCA in Suffolk launches urgent appeal to help Herbert, at Martlesham branch, who has a severe back deformity

An animal welfare charity has launched an urgent appeal to help an 11-month-old dog with a ‘severe back deformity’.

The RSPCA in Suffolk wants to raise £1,500 to pay for scans so vets can diagnose the problem and determine the best course of action going forward, which could lead to him needing surgery.

Herbert, who struggles to stand and walk due to a curved spine, arrived at the charity’s Martlesham branch a week ago after he was rescued by officers.

Can you help Herbert? Picture: RSPCA
Can you help Herbert? Picture: RSPCA

The charity said the deformity was likely caused by past trauma which was not treated.

Emma Thresh, a senior kennel assistant with the charity, said the team were desperate to get him the best care he can in the hopes of eventually getting him surgery.

She said: “Sadly, due to his deformed back, Herbert struggles to stand, lie down, walk, run and play – significantly impacting his quality of life.

Can you help Herbert? Picture: RSPCA
Can you help Herbert? Picture: RSPCA

“When he arrived he was incredibly malnourished with little muscle covering his body and a severe curve to his spine.

“We’ve given him much-needed pain relief and started gentle physio, and he’s already put on 3kg in the short time he’s been with us.”

Emma said the team were working carefully with him to build up muscle strength and to reduce the pain is in while the problem persists.

“These tests will be expensive so we’re appealing to the public to help us with these costs,” Emma said.

“Herbert is the sweetest soul who wants all the love and attention he can get. His cheeky personality is really starting to shine through.”

You can donate to Herbert’s fund-raiser here.

The RSPCA said it had seen a marked increase in animals requiring special treatment once they came into its care.

Such measures can be quite expensive, Emma said.

She added: “Pets are a huge responsibility and they can be a big financial commitment.

“We’d urge pet owners to ensure they have insurance and keep up-to-date with routine veterinary check-ups and preventative treatments, such as flea and worming treatments, as this will be more affordable in the long-term.”