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Easter quiz questions for all the family

Everybody loves the long Easter weekend, but how much do you actually know about Easter?

Find out with our Easy Easter Quiz....

Can you get all the answers right in our Easter quiz?
Can you get all the answers right in our Easter quiz?

1 On what day are hot cross buns traditionally eaten?

2 On which New York street does the city’s Easter parade usually take place?

3 Which Beatles song has the lines: “I am the egg man, they are the egg men”?

4 Which company makes Creme Eggs?


5 In which UK city was that firm founded and still based today?

6 In which month will Easter fall in 2022?

7 Which famous actress, pictured below, played Bob Hoskins’ mistress in the 1980 film The Long Good Friday?


8 What is the day before Good Friday called?

9 Which 1987 movie inspired the term ‘bunny boiler’?

10 Can you name the 2011 animated Easter film, pictured below, which featured Russell Brand and Hugh Laurie?


11 Which bird lays the largest eggs?

12 Which European country first brought us the tradition of chocolate Easter eggs?

13 Name this famous actress, pictured below, who was born on Easter Sunday in 1990?


14 Who wrote The Tale of Peter Rabbit?

15 Which Scottish football team play their home games at Easter Road?

16 In which language is Happy Easter written below?


17 Some countries have a different animal delivering eggs instead of the Easter bunny. What bird delivers eggs in Switzerland?

18 Spot the well known rabbit in this anagram: TEENY SUNBATHER

19 Which flower, pictured below, is traditionally associated with Easter?


20 Who starred alongside Fred Astaire in the 1948 musical Easter Parade?

21 What is the name for a female rabbit?

22 An Easter simnel cake, like the one pictured below, usually has 11 balls of marzipan on the top. Why?


23 In which British city was the Good Friday Agreement signed in 1998?

24 Which is the only Shakespeare play that mentions Easter?

25 In which ocean is Easter Island, pictured below?


THE ANSWERS: 1 Good Friday; 2 Fifth Avenue; 3 I Am the Walrus; 4 Cadbury; 5 Birmingham; 6 April; 7 Dame Helen Mirren; 8 Maundy Thursday; 9 Fatal Attraction. 10 Hop; 11 Ostrich; 12 Germany; 13 Emma Watson; 14 Beatrix Potter; 15 Hibernian; 16 Italian; 17 Cuckoo; 18 The Easter Bunny; 19 White lily; 20 Judy Garland; 21 Doe; 22 They represent Jesus and the apostles (minus Judas); 23 Belfast; 24 Romeo and Juliet; 25 The Pacific Ocean.