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Nostalgia: 100 years ago this week

A donation of £1 was made to the Bury Hospital today after an encounter between two men at the Cock Inn.

One of the men was talking to friends about a party that had been setting rabbit traps in a nearby field and told him that he would visit the field the next morning to take two of the rabbits for himself.

Another man who had overheard the conversation interrupted to ask the man who the rabbits belonged to.

Bury Free Press 1920 (31426529)
Bury Free Press 1920 (31426529)

After hearing the dismissive reply that the man didn’t care who they belonged to, he informed the man that those rabbits were his.

He told the would-be thief to donate £1 to Bury Hospital or be prosecuted.

The man complied the next morning.

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