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NOSTALGIA: MP misses YCND protest

Bury St Edmunds Young CND protest march in August 1986 ANL-161208-154916001
Bury St Edmunds Young CND protest march in August 1986 ANL-161208-154916001

In August 1986, members of Bury St Edmunds Youth Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (YCND) drew curious glances from shoppers but failed to get their argument across to their main target.

The protesters were marking the 41st anniversary of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs, with one carrying a sign saying ‘ Don’t let Bury become another Hiroshima’.

They stood in silent protest, with a coffin, outside St Edmundsbury Cathedral then marched along Angel Hill, Mustow and Northgate Streets to the Conservative offices to hand in a letter to the town’s MP Sir Eldon Griffiths asking him to press the Government to ‘take real steps towards world peace’, but, unfortunately, he was on holiday abroad.



The owner of a dog which was rescued after falling down a hole has expressed thanks to members of a wedding rehearsal party who helped save his beloved pet.

Joe Smith, of Horringer, was out walking cocker spaniel Benji in Ickworth Park when, to his horror, he saw his pet swallowed up by a hole in the ground.

Mr Smith said: “I peered in and I could see him paddling in water about sex feet below the ground.”

He ran to get help and found the wedding party of David and Lisa Reynolds rehearsing for their big day, who rushed to the rescue.

Eventually, best man Alex Robertson was lowered by the ankles far enough to grab the dog and pull him to safety.


Birds are dying in their hundreds on Great Livermere lake from an outbreak of botulism.

Gulls, ducks, terns and herons are suffering slow deaths form the disease, turning the bird watchers’ paradise into a sea of death. For the second summer in a row, the lake’s water levels are so low that the botulism organism is thriving in the exposed mud, leaving a trail of bird carcasses around the water’s edge.

Resident, Mrs Mary Anstee-Parry, has been doing all she can to save as many birds as possible from the lingering death the disease causes.

“All I can do is pick the dying birds up in shopping bags and try and save as many as I can by putting them in a paddling pool of fresh water,” she said.


The following resolution of the Suffolk Farmers’ Union has been received and it has been decided to report the same to you for your consideration, viz: “That this meeting of the Executive Council of the SFU views with apprehension the proposed restrictions upon traction engines viz: The prohibition of bands on the front wheels and cross-bars on the hind wheels and if carried into effect would practically render the traction engine useless for agricultural purposes during the winter months.”

Mr Hustler in submitting this report said with regard to surface tarring, the surveyor said in his report that 71 miles out of 81 were now treated, up to Saturday. So practically the work was finished.