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Tightropes, parkour and BMX tricks: Circus Cortex is coming to Mildenhall

Acts trained by the Great Moscow State Circus join an array of performers in Circus Cortex for three nights of suspense, intrigue and entertainment.

The show will be performed live in Mildenhall from July 8 until July 11 and promises to bring big show production value to small towns.

Audiences will be kept on the edge of their seat as tightrope walkers perform above them, parkour artists flip in the air and rola bola acts bring a feel of danger to the show as they combine circus skills, performing hand balancing and juggling to create a spectacular performance.

Reinaldo Monterio Rola Bola
Reinaldo Monterio Rola Bola

The circus will not feature animals due to the controversy surrounding animals in the circus but the high production value and the performer's skills provide more than enough entertainment for people of all ages.

The show will be Covid safe with CO2 monitors in the tent. If numbers get too high the rollers surrounding the tent will come up so that fresh air can circulate. The tent has a capacity for 600 people but will only be allowing 250 entrants for social distancing. To ensure the distancing rules are adhered to cones will be placed on seat separating the audience throughout the tent.

The show will be directed by Irina Archer who has spent her life touring the world with circuses in America and Russia and hopes to bring the skills she's gained through her years in the business to local towns across the UK giving people something to look forward to after performances were forced to stop for such a long time.

Irina said: "We know circuses have previously had a bad name but we are different. There is a lot for people to look forward to with this show and we have taken steps to ensure we are Covid safe so they can really enjoy what they are watching."

"Everyone has had 15 months of rubbish and this is will help spark some joy and happiness for people."

Ksenia Archer Wire Walker
Ksenia Archer Wire Walker

For Irina circus is family, especially in this show as her daughter Ksenia will be walking the tightrope. Ksenia, like her mother, has also trained in the Great Moscow State Circus and is passionate about circus life.

Performers at the Circus include:

Ksenia Archer - Wire Walker

Viktor Gorodetsky - Unicyclist

Reinaldo Monteiro - Rola Rola

As well as 13 other performers including dancers, BMX cyclists and parkour performers.

Tickets are available both online and at the circus
Tickets are available both online and at the circus

Those with a sweet tooth will be happy to know that candy floss, as well as other snacks and treats, will be on sale at the venue.

Opening day is nearly sold out and those wishing to come then are advised to book ahead.

To book tickets visit: www.circuscortex.com or call 0203 816 0295

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