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Wilko customers kick back after retailer moves to allowing pets in store

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Wilko customers are kicking back after the retailer announced pets would now be allowed in store.

The chain announced the news on its Facebook page on Monday, much to the disappointment of some.

One angry Wilko customer wrote on the post: "This is no good for my child that has anaphylaxis reactions to animal dander and saliva.

Wilko has welcomed pets into some of its stores
Wilko has welcomed pets into some of its stores

"Service dogs have their place in stores and we can avoid them and monitor, they are well behaved etc.

"Pets do not belong in stores and raises the risk for my son to come in contact with areas that have been contaminated. We won't be shopping in your all dogs welcome stores."

Another shopper added: "That’s ok if they are well behaved. I have a Guide Dog and find yaps on straps are enough of a pain outside the shops, so it’s going to be very interesting in a confined space down an aisle.

Some have kicked back at the announcement
Some have kicked back at the announcement

"And no, my dog doesn’t want to talk to your dog, he’s working! Guide Dogs can get very stressed if a little dog is yapping around their legs!"

One person was concerned over the move, and said: "It's a nice gesture, but not everyone likes dogs, even well-behaved ones.

"As a child I was terrified of them and no amount of 'he/she is really friendly' will cut it if you are scared.

"I can see this backfiring on Wilko when an incident occurs. You are not a pet shop, dog owners can socialise their pets elsewhere, shoppers shouldn't need to worry about being confronted by a dog whilst buying wallpaper, toilet rolls and biscuits.

"Assistance dogs are one thing, but not all dogs!"

Wilko has welcomed pets into some of its stores
Wilko has welcomed pets into some of its stores

Some Wilko customers, however, were happy about the announcement.

"What a brilliant idea! I really don't like being among loads of people so having a few dogs about will make me feel much more relaxed," said one shopper.

"I don't why people are so against dogs being in shops, when you think of the very 'sick' humans walking about who are much more dangerous to us all."

Another said: "That's brilliant. I use a doggy pram in shops and this really helps me so much that Wilko now let dogs in.

"I hardly can go Wilko as I can't leave my dog on his own."

Wilko is welcoming pets in store for the first time at 248 of its locations nationwide.

The roll-out to over two thirds of the home and garden retailer’s stores follows a successful pilot at two locations.

Furry friends, on their leads if applicable, will be able to browse all areas of the participating stores except for food aisles.

Wilko stocks everything from pet food, treats, bedding and toys to cleaning supplies, presents, costumes and accessories.

For other animal family members, the retailer is also home to reptile, bird and fish pet supplies.

The participating stores are primarily those with their own on-street entrance and exit rather than those that are, for example, located in shopping centres — which may not allow any animal guests, or where the entrance isn’t pet friendly.

Signage at store entrances will make it clear if pets are welcome, although customers can also check with the store team if they are at all unsure.

Service dogs are, of course, welcome at all stores nationwide.

To find out if your local store is allowing pets, contact them directly.