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Cafe boss using curtains and air purifier to prepare for reopening

Francini Osorio has installed an air purifier and 35 clear shower curtains at his cafe (Jacob King/PA)

A cafe owner who installed dozens of shower curtains between tables in a bid to combat coronavirus has said he hopes his idea can inspire other businesses.

Francini Osorio has used more than 30 curtains as dividers between tables in a trial phase during the Covid-19 lockdown and has more on order.

Mr Osorio also plans to use an air purifier in an effort to protect customers at the Francini Cafe De Colombia in Worcester.

The businessman, originally from Colombia, who is readying his cafe to reopen, told the PA news agency: “Where I come from we don’t sink, we stand up and we keep going.”

Mr Osorio, who plans to provide gloves and encourage people to bring their own masks, said of the curtains, which will be sprayed with disinfectant: “The idea is to keep people together but separated by the curtain.

“If this has inspired people, that’s brilliant.”

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