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Uplifting news: Five-year-old raises £1,200 and Londoners feed the vulnerable

London boroughs are collaborating on a project to feed the vulnerable, while a five-year-old cyclist has raised £1,200 by taking part in the 2.6 Challenge, in Monday’s news.

These are some of the more uplifting stories from around the country you might have missed.

– London boroughs collaborate on project to feed the vulnerable

A new project involving all 32 London boroughs will see food hubs across the capital come together to feed vulnerable residents.

The collaboration between the city’s three largest food redistribution charities, the Felix Project, FareShare and City Harvest, will work to stock hubs before produce is distributed to local communities.

The project is staffed by teams of volunteers, who receive the food deliveries, package them into parcels and deliver them to individual doorsteps, local food banks, charities and community centres.

Peter John, chairman of London Councils, said that although the pandemic had brought many challenges, it had also “brought out the best” in many Londoners.

– Five-year-old cyclist raises £1,200 in 2.6 Challenge

Jacob Cree with his father Joseph and charity T-shirt (Save The Children/PA)
Jacob Cree with his father Joseph and charity T-shirt (Save The Children/PA)

A five-year-old Bradley Wiggins fan has raised £1,200 for charity by cycling 26 miles over a week.

Jacob Cree, from Carnbroe in Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire, said he “wanted to do something to help children my own age who are struggling due to the coronavirus”.

At the end of his final day, having cycled just under four miles each day, neighbours in his street came out to congratulate him on his feat.

His father Joseph said: “His mum and I originally thought this would be a bit much for him as he is only five but he can be very persuasive.

“We planned a 26-mile route, dividing it up into just under four miles per day, and set off.”

– Seamstress sews ‘You Are Loved’ message into hospital scrubs

(Danny Lawson/PA)
(Danny Lawson/PA)

A seamstress who is part of an online group sewing scrubs has shown her gratitude to frontline workers by including personal messages in some garments.

Jen Legg, 52, from Maltby, North Yorkshire, has added the message “You Are Loved” to some of her donated scrubs, which she made after joining the Sewing Scrubs for James Cook Facebook page.

The group, which has around 300 active sewers, is aiming to pass its target of 2,000 sets of scrubs for James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough by the end of the pandemic.

Ms Legg said: “I felt like I was able to contribute something from home. I’m shielding as well so that makes it even better to give something back because the hospital has done so much for me with my arthritis.

“And I have added the message as a little bit extra, to make them feel cared for that little bit.”

– Exmoor Zoo celebrates birth of four capybaras

(Exmoor Zoo)
(Exmoor Zoo)

Keepers at Exmoor Zoo in Devon are celebrating the birth of four baby capybaras.

The babies, dubbed “minibara” by staff, are about the size of guinea pigs but will grow quickly.

A spokesman for the zoo said: “The wet winters here on Exmoor and fresh Atlantic rain dropped on to the moorland is perfect for these animals as it springs out from the ground creating mud wallows and bubbling brooks.

“We consider with a little shelter from the worst of the winter elements and direct sun they would adapt well here.”

– Four-year-old ‘saves mother’s life’ by calling 999 after severe asthma attack

Faye Humphries (Family handout/PA)
Faye Humphries (Family handout/PA)

A mother says her four-year-old daughter saved her life by calling 999 when she suffered a severe asthma attack.

Katie Humphries was playing with Faye at their home in Southampton when she became ill and her inhalers failed to help her breathe, and she started to become numb in her arms and legs.

Ms Humphries told the PA news agency: “She said, ‘Mummy can’t breathe’, they asked how old I was, she couldn’t answer how old, they then asked what is my name and she answered ‘Mummy Humphries’.

“They stayed on the phone with her all the time and she let the paramedics in. She was so calm for a four-year-old.

“When I got home from the hospital, she asked me, ‘Mummy, am I in trouble?’, because I have always told her 999 is not to be played around with, but I said because it was an emergency you are allowed to call 999.”

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