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Red House Farm and land to the south of All Saints Road in Creeting St Mary, near Needham Market, earmarked for development

Five self-build homes could be constructed on agricultural land in a Suffolk town.

A planning application for the proposed development on Red House Farm and land to the south of All Saints Road in Creeting St Mary – near Needham Market – was submitted in May and validated yesterday.

The deadline for a decision by Mid Suffolk District Council is August 2, 2023.

All Saints Road in Creeting St Mary
All Saints Road in Creeting St Mary

The planning statement submitted on behalf of the applicant, Mr Chris Broom, says: “The proposed development will provide five dwellings in a sustainable rural location, at the same time as making efficient use of a vacant agricultural site and enhancing the visual amenity of the area.”

Access to the two-storey homes is proposed from All Saints Road, which has a 30mph speed limit.

The 0.5-hectare site is grade three agricultural land, good to moderate quality, and is boarded by homes on the southeast and southwest.

The planning statement calls the settlement boundary, which the site falls outside of, ‘out of date’, as residential development was approved to the southeast of All Saints Road since it was drawn up.

It continues: “Whilst the development will inevitably change the appearance of the site, it will result minimal adverse impact and will not appear visually obtrusive.

“It is considered that the proposed new housing is consistent with the linear pattern and form of development in the village.

“The self-build nature of development can provide some interest in the site, enhancing the character of the area.”

The development would include vehicle and cycle parking, and be delivered in five phases – with a sixth phase to manage services, access and fencing.