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Newmarket woman issues warning after severe allergic reaction to eyebrow tint beauty treatment left her with third degree burns

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A Newmarket woman, who was hospitalised for three weeks with third degree burns as a result of a beauty treatment, has issued a warning to others to make sure they have a proper patch test to avoid a potentially life-threatening reaction like she had.

“People need to know that this could happen to them and I would not wish that on anyone,” said 34-year-old Lisa Davy.

“They should always make sure they get a proper patch test and if the salon does not offer one, then don’t have the treatment.”

Lisa Davy was told her eyebrows may never grow back.
Lisa Davy was told her eyebrows may never grow back.

Lisa’s nightmare began in December 2018 on the day of her works Christmas party when she went to have her eyebrows waxed, a procedure she had had done before and never had any problems.

“That day I was told there was an offer on to have them tinted and some flash eyelashes applied, so I went for it,” said Lisa.

“I wasn’t offered a patch test and I didn’t ask for one as I had never had any issues before.”

Lisa spent three weeks in hospital after the incident.
Lisa spent three weeks in hospital after the incident.

Delighted with the results, she went home and went to her party but just hours after her treatment, she knew something was very wrong.

“My eyebrows were getting sore and stingy,” said Lisa, who was so worried she rang her husband Duncan to go and pick her up.

“I went to sleep but when I woke up at about 3am there was a moment of panic as I could not open my eyes, they were just slits,” said Lisa.

“My eyebrows were covered with water blisters which were constantly cracking and weeping. I really thought I was going blind.”

The mum-of-four contacted her GP’s out-of-hours service at Mildenhall and some ointment was prescribed but, as the hours ticked by, her face began to swell.

“My husband said ‘this is not good we have got to get you to hospital’ and he took me to accident and emergency at West Suffolk Hospital,” she said.

Lisa went to A&E at West Suffolk Hospital as her reaction to the eyebrow treatment became evident
Lisa went to A&E at West Suffolk Hospital as her reaction to the eyebrow treatment became evident

“I felt a bit of an idiot having to say I got this because I had my eyebrows tinted. I was assessed and told I had anaphylactic shock and third degree burns and I was immediately admitted.”

Lisa spent three weeks in hospital during which time she had to undergo a week of patch tests on her back in a bid to ascertain just what had triggered her allergic reaction.

Doctors prescribed steroid tablets, antihistamines and antibiotics to help reduce the swelling from Lisa’s allergic reaction and to fight off infection from her scabby eyebrows.

“I was told the hair would never grow back on my eyebrows,” said Lisa.

“It ruined our Christmas because we had booked a family break at Butlins in Skegness and I just barely left the room because I was so embarrassed by how I looked. I could not go out and I could not go swimming with the family.”

Now, three years after the incident, her eyebrows have started to recover, but the reaction she suffered has left its mark as Lisa can’t wear jewellery because it causes irritation and she has to make sure she tests any creams or similar products in case they trigger a similar flare up.

She did take legal action and received a settlement from the beauty salon therapist involved but it took almost three years.

Now she just wants to try to make sure no one else has to go through what she did.

“Warning people is my way of getting closure on this,” said Lisa.

“I had never had any problems before and thought I was okay but I will never not have a patch test again and I would always ask for one because I would never want anyone to go through what I did because it was a nightmare.”

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