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‘Car chicken’ danger

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Mildenhall College Academy's sign ANL-160728-094204001
Mildenhall College Academy's sign ANL-160728-094204001

A school has warned pupils about road safety after some were accused of ‘playing chicken’ with cars on nearby roads.

The dangerous game came to light after warnings to drivers were posted on the public Mildenhall People Facebook page about pupils from Mildenhall College Academy and other youngsters causing drivers to swerve.

Erin Williams posted: “Our local teenagers think it’s cool now to stand in the road and make cars swerve or move out the way, as they come home from school.

“Seriously this new trend is not fun. All it takes is once and boom they are hit or an innocent person in a car is seriously injured.”

She described the girl laughing as she dodged cars in College Heath Road.

Brenda Noel responded: “Totally mindless behaviour they think they are invincible.”

But it was not just academy pupils who were blamed. Sara Duffy posted: “Where I live in Mildenhall, a group of kids take great delight in playing tag across the road in front of cars – some as young as six – no adult in sight.

“I had words with the parent of one and was informed that it was their right to play in the road. It’s a housing estate - what did I expect?”

Susan Byles, head of Mildenhall College Academy said only one person had complained to the school about a ‘small number’ of its 1,200 pupils behaving irresponsibly.

But she added: “We take such behaviour very seriously and are currently running a series of assemblies on the theme of road safety and the dangers of playing ‘chicken’.

“Whilst it remains the responsibility of parents to ensure that their children get to and from school safely, we feel we must work with them to promote the importance of road safety. We cannot control the behaviour of every child on his or her way to and from school.

“At these times the children represent their families as much as they represent the academy and therefore we need a joint effort to bring home this message.”