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Newmarket councillor urges caution after spike in town's coronavirus cases

A Newmarket councillor has urged caution about what events people choose to go to following a spike in coronavirus cases in the town.

Suffolk County Councillor, Andy Drummond, who represents Newmarket and Red Lodge, made his comments after figures showed a surge in cases in Newmarket up to the week ending August 8.

Coronavirus data shows the largest rise in cases being in South New Market and Racecourse district with total cases up by 133.3 per cent to 35.

Newmarket High Street. Picture by Mark Westley
Newmarket High Street. Picture by Mark Westley

The number of cases per 100,000 people is 357.

In the Newmarket district, Burwell is up 14 per cent to 36 cases, Mildenhall up by 14 per cent to 22 cases, Swaffham and Bottisham up by 10 per cent to 22 cases, Soham, up by 9 per cent to 35 cases Isleham, Fordam and Chippenham stays level at 11 cases, Red Lodge, Icklingham and Moulton up 18 per cent to 33 cases, Dullingham and Cheveley up 53 per cent to 23 cases.

North Newmarket, Studlands and Exning is down however by 10 per cent to 36 cases, which represents 401.5 cases per 100,000.

Suffolk County Councillor Andy Drummond
Suffolk County Councillor Andy Drummond

Councillor Drummond, said: "It all makes sense. I think as we come out of lockdown, it's obvious that the rate will rise, with herd immunity and double jabs and all that.

"As we get more freedoms, cases will go up but we just have to get on with it.

"Some people are still being cautious however, and not everyone is comfortable with being amongst large crowds.

"I would urge people to choose events that they absolutely want to go to, for instance if they have a family event, or a wedding coming up."

Newmarket has been home to the series of Newmarket Nights events, including veteran singer, Tom Jones, and last night, 80s pop sensation, Rick Astley. Mcfly will play at the next on August 28.

The Tom Jones concert attracted a crowd of 20,000.

Mr Drummond, who attended the Rick Astley concert last night, said: "I think the Newmarket Nights events are probably just part of the mix but I would not want to jeopardise those for a minute.

"Newmarket itself is changing with a bias towards leisure, with two new restaurants opening for example.

"We also have lots of pubs and it is a very popular destination.

"Compared to the lockdown, there's a lot of revelry going on

"It's an obvious trend that as the more people mix, the more cases we will have.

"The vaccines have been a success and the hospitals are not filling up, and overall, I feel very optimistic about the future.."

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