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Classic winning trainer Mark Tompkins backs new racing website

Newmarket trainer Mark Thompkins, Cliff Woof, and Mark Loades
Newmarket trainer Mark Thompkins, Cliff Woof, and Mark Loades

Classic winning trainer, Mark Tompkins, Chairman of the Newmarket Trainers’ Federation, has backed a new scheme designed to provide the racing public with a daily insight into the preparation of runners from a variety of Newmarket yards.

Through a new website which is the brainchild of former Liverpool footballer and racing secretary, Cliff Woof, subscribers will be able to get trainers’ insight on their runners each day.

The site, NewmarketTrainers.com, will also be the new home of the Newmarket Trainers’ Federation which represents the 72 trainers in and around the town and it is the first phase of a project to launcha new Newmarket Racing Club which will provide racehorse syndication and ownership for its members with both enterprises looking to raise funds for town-based charity Racing Welfare and its work at Headquarters.

“Newmarket Trainers have won over 1150 races so far this year, and over £21m in first prize money, domestically - a remarkable achievement and with the racing public showing an increasing thirst for data and knowledge, NewmarketTrainers.com will help quench that thirst,” said Cliff.

“I also have a huge admiration for the work carried out, behind the scenes, by stable staff and we are really pleased to provide local trainers with the
unique opportunity to extend their support for Racing Welfare.

“In raising further funds for the charity simply by contributing to the site, they are ultimately, providing additional support for their own staff ”.

Mark Loades, head of fund-raising for Racing Welfare, said “ With a 90 per cent increase in beneficiaries in the past two years, we are pleased to have been chosen by Cliff as the charity partner for Newmarket Trainers.com in the hope of raising much needed funds for the

Mark Tompkins added: “The Newmarket Trainers Federation website was in need of a facelift and this opportunity to partner with Cliff and NewmarketTrainers.com provides us a win win situation. Naturally, we are also very pleased to assist in raising essential funds for charity.”